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Stopping Malaria through the Power of Communities

This Community-Based Malaria Control Program works with communities to form comprehensive plans to combat malaria. This initiative includes community training on basic measures to prevent sickness, free or low cost medications and consultations to those who are ill or especially vulnerable to malaria, and providing insecticide-treated nets to pregnant women and families with young children.

The Malaria Control Program was launched in late 2005 in Sierra Leone and is now operating in seven countries. Organized by UMCOR, the program supports United Methodist and ecumenical health workers and hospitals to combat malaria in their communities.

UMCOR supplies United Methodist hospitals and clinics with mosquito nets, diagnostic kits and medications so that prevention and treatment can be provided for little or no cost. The prohibitive cost of nets and medication often prevents people from using them.

At a community level, simple actions like riding the area around the home of stagnant water and the proper use of a mosquito net can go a long way in preventing malaria. Teaching families how to recognize malaria and what can be done to treat it can save lives.

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Your Gifts Make a Difference

These are some examples of what your gifts to Community-Based Malaria Control, UMCOR Advance #982009, can do to combat malaria.

  $5 Provides medication to treat someone with malaria
$10 Purchases one insecticide-treated mosquito net
$20 Covers the cost of food and anemia treatment for a pregnant woman with malaria
$50 Buys 25 Rapid Diagnostic Kits for malaria
$100 Covers the expenses for an anti-malaria campaign in a local school
$200 Trains traditional birth attendants in malaria prevention and treatment
$500 Provides all the expenses for a one day community leader training for 35-40 attendees on malaria prevention.