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World Malaria Day 2010

World Malaria

The United Methodist Church’s “Imagine No Malaria” Campaign, a focus of the United Methodist Global Health Initiative, will kick off on World Malaria Day by distributing 30,000 long-lasting insecticide-treated nets to vulnerable communities throughout the Democratic Republic of Congo on April 15.

This effort includes UMCOR Health’s Community-Based Malaria Control Program, which provides education, medication and mosquito nets to prevent and treat malaria, United Nation Foundation’s Nothing But Nets campaign, and Coalition Religieuse pour la Santé (CORESA), a faith-based coalition of health organizations in Lubumbashi that works to increase knowledge about malaria in areas that include the North Katanga Episcopal Area where the United Methodist Church has health care facilities.

United Methodists are encouraged to observe World Malaria Day, April 25, and participate in creating awareness about malaria prevention by using available resources on this web page.

Top Stories

Students prepare for a skit entitledUMCOR Marks World Malaria Day in Indonesia

Starting tomorrow, UMCOR Indonesia will commemorate World Malaria Day with a program of activities aimed at involving students, teachers, and local communities in learning about and preventing the disease.


a multifaith observance of World Malaria Day in Lubumbashi. Church Provides Anti-Malaria Nets in Congo

Hundreds of children jostle each other to get a glimpse of what is happening.


Sophie Fragamga (center) visits with health worker Benoit Tshimwangain outside her home in BongongaPartners Work to Eliminate Malaria in Congo 

Kaya Bawili and Mugalu Murumbi worry about each of their 19 children.


Public health worker Auguy Yomeni demonstrates the proper use of a mosquito net during a training session for volunteers in Lubumbashi

 Congo Community Prepares for Nets

A South African super star, government officials and religious leaders will travel down a rough, muddy path to a neglected neighborhood on April 15 bringing hope wrapped in square plastic bags.


More mothers throughout the Democratic Republic of Congo have tools and the knowledge they need to protect their families.

Protecting Future Generations Against Malaria

Mawazo, 27, lives in a small village around Kamina in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Mawazo had four miscarriages each preceded by a debilitating high fever, most likely caused by malaria.