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Tunda United Methodist Hospital, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Tunda is an isolated United Methodist mission station located in the Maneima Province of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Tunda Hospital, which serves a local population of 70,000, receives medical supplies that are brought in by small aircraft of boat on the river. Most roads in the area are impassible for most of the year.

Tunda is in a conflict-affected region of DRC. The infrastructure of the hospital was significantly damaged during the war, and many people fled the village. However more recently, residents are slowly returning to Tunda.

The local population is very poor, with little opportunity to generate income in the area. The Central Congo Conference of the United Methodist Church supports the small, 12-bed hospital almost entirely on its own.

Hospital Services

Two doctors and a staff of 58, including nurses, technicians and administrative support, manage Tunda Unitd Methodist Hospital. The primary health departments include general internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology.

The most common illnesses treated at the hospital include malaria, malnutrition, acute and chronic respiratory diseases, including tuberculosis, sexually transmitted infections and HIV/AIDS.

Tunda Hospital’s main focus is primary health care, especially for mothers and children under five years old.

Sustaining Health Ministry

The situation at Tenda Hospital is very grave. While the doctors and The United Methodist Church put every effort to sustain this ministry, challenges such as the war-damaged and dilapidated buildings, critical need for basic medical supplies, little transport or access and lack of resources for patients, create significant difficulties. Nurses at Tunda Hospital earn roughly $5 per month. Continuing educational opportunities for staff are very limited, and the hospital often finds itself functioning amidst water and electrical shortages.

How You Can Help

In such a challenging environment, the need for increased assistance is urgent. If you are interested in meeting specific needs at Tunda Hospital, contact UMCOR Health.