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Mutambara United Methodist Hospital, Zimbabwe

Mutambara United Methodist Hospital was established in 1923. A ministry of the Zimbabwe Conference, the hospital provides needed medical care to people in this rural area of eastern Zimbabwe. It is one of the few hospitals in the nation that continued operating during the country’s economic crisis and cholera epidemic. Because of United Methodist support, Mutambara can care for all patients in need regardless of their ability to pay. The most common ailments seen at Mutambara Hospital are HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, cholera, heart failure and malnutrition.

Hospital Services:

The hospital’s three doctors and a staff of 87, including nurses, technicians and administrative support, manage provide inpatient and outpatient care. The facility’s three wards (surgical, maternity and general) can have up to 90 patients admitted at one time. Additionally, some 113 community health workers extend Mutambara’s reach into rural communities throughout the region.

Overcoming Obstacles to Help

The staff at Mutambara United Methodist Hospital have to overcome daily obstacles to treat patients and to reach out to vulnerable people in communities, such as pregnant and nursing women. The challenges of working in a country with severe economic and infrastructure problems have sometimes caused the staff to make personal sacrifices to help others. During times of crisis, UMCOR has provided additional supplies, food and financial support to hospitals and their staff so that the ministry can continue.

How You Can Help

In such a challenging environment, the need for increased assistance is urgent. If you are interested in meeting specific needs at Mutambara United Methodist Hospital, contact UMCOR Health.