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Minga Referral Hospital, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Established in 1923 by American Methodist missionaries, Minga Hospital is located in the remote savanna and forest region of the Kasai Oriental Province of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Minga is landlocked, and medical supplies are shipped in primarily by air and river.

The primary ailments of patients at Minga Hospital include Malaria, malnutrition, gastroenteritis, respiratory infections, sexually-transmitted illnesses and tuberculosis.

The 90-bed Minga Hospital is supported by a staff of two doctors, 45 nurses and technicians and 12 administrators. The hospital serves a catchment population of roughly 130,000, most of whom depend upon subsistence fishing and farming and petty trade. On average, the hospital attends roughly 500 patients per year.

Hospital Services

The primary ailments that plague patients at Minga Hospital are malaria, tuberculosis, and malnutrition. Common, preventative sickness from worms and diarrhea, resulting from a lack of basic hygiene practice like washing hands, is chronic in the region. HIV/AIDS is a serious health concern for Minga Hospital staff, as nearby mining sites offer ample traffic and opportunity for unsafe sexual encounters.

Basic surgeries, such as hernias, mending fractured bones and Caesarian sections are performed at Minga Hospital.

Hospital Challenges

Minga Hospital’s School of Nursing has fallen on very hard times since Congo’s civil conflict ended in 2002. There are no blackboards, benches, desks, nor curriculum available beyond the occasional materials provided by the Ministry of Health for training purposes. Most text books and teaching materials are outdated by more than 40 years.

The existing hospital buildings need repair on roofs, doors and windows. Electrical and plumbing improvements as well as dorms for students are greatly needed.

Basic medical supplies such as gloves, gauze and antiseptics are always in great demand at Minga Hospital.

And yet Minga Hospital staff continue to provide healing and help to people every day. Without the hospital, thousands would be left with no health care whatsoever.

How You Can Help

In such a challenging environment, the need for increased assistance is urgent. If you are interested in meeting specific needs at Minga Hospital, contact UMCOR Health.