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Ganta United Methodist Hospital, Liberia

The story of Ganta United Methodist Hospital, located in northeastern Liberia, West Africa, is one of perseverance and rejuvenation. Since its inception as a rural health post in 1926, the hospital has opened its doors and hearts to meet the healthcare needs of Liberians.

Today, Ganta United Methodist Hospital is working to restore its infrastructure and revive its work, having endured the ravages of a 14-year civil war. In 2003 the hospital facilities were looted and all but obliterated by fighting forces and rocket fire.

Though the war ended and Ganta Hospital reopened its doors to provide basic and emergency services in April 2004, the plight of most Liberians, particularly the 450,000 plus population served by the hospital, remained grave.

Despite tremendous hardships, the staff returned to Ganta Hospital to serve the needs of the community. Necessary renovations were completed on the war-ravaged portions of the hospital frame. Currently operating at the capacity of a 147 beds, the services offered through the hospital include emergency services, a prenatal center, a laboratory, outpatient care, an eye clinic, a community health program, and a prostheses shop.

The fortitude and dedication of the Ganta Hospital staff has been a driving force in the care of patients and quality of service offered at the hospital. The Ganta United Methodist Hospital operates on funds generated through partnership with the United Methodist Church through the Hospital Revitalization Program under UMCOR, partners locally and abroad, and fees generated from service.

Hospital Services

Ganta United Methodist Hospital provides a range of primary and preventative healthcare services including the following:

In addition to Liberians, the hospital serves people from the neighboring countries of Guinea and Côte d'Ivoire, who travel long distances to seek the quality care offered at Ganta United Methodist Hospital.

Committed Staff and Creative Outreach

Ganta Hospital has a 205 member of its committed and hardworking staff. The staff includes three doctors, registered and primary care nurses, midwives, an anesthesiologist, nurse aides, and various support, technical and administrative staff. Ganta United Methodist Hospital boasts of a strong and talented staff that works very hard not only to treat hospital patients, but to educate and care for the entire community. The hospital's dedicated staff overcame incredible post-war challenges to resurrect the hospital and once again provide loving, faithful, and quality care to this struggling community.

One of the many issues Ganta Hospital seeks to address is malaria. It is the top killer of people in Africa, specifically young children under five. Approximately 3,500 children die each year in Liberia from the disease. To address this issue, the Ganta Hospital staff have developed a malaria control program, in adherence with the Liberian National Malaria Control Program, to work towards combating this pandemic disease in surrounding communities. The program includes insecticide-treated mosquito nets, environmental clean-up initiatives and ensuring that life-saving medicines are available at hospitals and rural clinics.

Another important outreach program is the Nehwaa Child Survival Project. In the local Mano dialect, nehnwaa means concern for children. This Community-Based Primary Healthcare Project wasestablished through a partnership with Curamericas Global (Raleigh, North Carolina) and funded by USAID. Its is to encourage preventive measures to reduce common ailments and conditions that impact the community, that include malnutrition, malaria and diarrhea, the #1 killer of babies in Africa. Maternal and child health is a key pillar of the project goals because Liberia currently ranks at the highest of countries plagued by high maternal and infant deaths.

How You Can Help

In such a challenging environment, the need for increased assistance is urgent. If you are interested in meeting specific needs at Ganta United Methodist Hospital, contact UMCOR Health.