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Diecke United Methodist Clinic

The Diecke United Methodist Clinic was established in 1996 during the height of the Liberian Civil war. The clinical services originally began as an UMCOR refugee service provided for Liberians who fled the border town of Ganta, Liberia to seek shelter in neighboring Guinea. Medical Staff from Ganta United Methodist Hospital in Liberia offered their services to the clinic in Deike to reduce the impact of common illnesses in the refugee camps such as malaria, anemia and parasite outbreaks. As the war came to a close refugees began to return to Liberia, but the new project in Deike grew into its own ministry. Today, this includes a primary school and new United Methodist churches in addition to the clinic.

Located in a large border town of approximately 70,000 inhabitants, the Diecke Clinic is one of only three local healthcare service options for residents of Diecke, Guinea. The majority of patients to the clinic are commercial vendors or subsistent farmers. Despite the low income level of the neighboring villages, patients have displayed a strong interest in paying for medical treatment and services whenever possible.

Clinic Services 

The Guinean United Methodist Ministry operates under the leadership of Rev. Bobson Bleh, a Liberian Annual Conference missionary assigned to Guinea.

As a surgeon and general practitioner, Dr. Nian Lossy Beimy, has been influential in broadening the range of services offered to patients who frequent the clinic from the town and neighboring villages. Seven other staff and interns also aid in the administration of the clinic. The clinic operates as a satellite post of Ganta United Methodist Hospital (in Liberia) and the oversight governance is provided by the Board of Health and Welfare of the Liberia Annual Conference.

The clinic currently offers services that include general abdominal services, basic dental extractions, and treating common ailments like malaria, parasites, anemia and respiratory infections.

The clinic also benefits from the Malaria and HIV/AIDS programs offered through UMCOR.

A New Home

After 13 years of operation as a relief effort out of rental facilities, the Diecke Clinic relocated into a newly-constructed clinic in early 2010. Funding for the new clinic’s construction was provided through the Advance from a donation by the Alabama West Florida Annual Conference. 

How You Can Help

In such a challenging environment, the need for increased assistance is urgent. If you are interested in meeting specific needs at Diecke United Methodist Clinic, contact UMCOR Health.