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Chicuque Rural Hospital, Mozambique

Founded by a Methodist missionary in 1913, Chicuque Rural Hospital provides healthcare to approximately 500,000 men, women and children in Mozambique, southeast Africa.

From HIV/AIDS outreach programs and tuberculosis vaccinations to emergency surgery and physical therapy, the hospital's doctors, technicians and nurses struggle daily to meet the dire needs of their patients. Supplies that are considered fundamental in American healthcare-gauze and gloves or formula for newborns-are not guaranteed to the patients of Chicuque. Despite the hardships, Chicuque Rural Hospital has one of the best reputations in the country.

Hospital Services

The hospital provides a range of primary and preventative health care services comprising

In addition to malaria and TB, the most common ailments encountered at Chicuque include malnutrition, HIV/AIDS, hernias and caesarian-sections. Chicuque is considered a premier reference hospital and is one of three teaching schools in the country. It also serves as a model in the national plan to reduce maternal and child mortality in Mozambique.

Many Needs

The hospital remains limited in its capacity to meet demands for service. The shortage of trained technical staff limits Chicuque Hospital’s ability to meet patient needs.

Fundamental supplies such as sutures, needles, gauze and gloves are inconsistently supplied to the hospital. Chicuque also struggles to provide the daily meal of rice and vegetables to the patients. These issues and others have created a challenging environment for Chicuque Rural Hospital.

How You Can Help

In such a challenging environment, the need for increased assistance is urgent. If you are interested in meeting specific needs at Chicuque Rural Hospital, contact UMCOR Health.