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Hospitals and Clinics

Hospitals and Clinics

UMCOR supports United Methodist hospitals and clinics in Africa and Asia through the Hospital Revitalization Program. This program provides funds, training and support to help these facilities assess the needs of the hospital or clinic and the needs of the surrounding community. The program works with the health care institutions to help them improve community outreach, standards of care and community-based education and development.

Community Outreach

Through the Hospital Revitalization Program, UMCOR Health works with these hospitals and clinics to provide care through a community-based outreach model that sends health workers and traditional birth attendants out into the community. HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Nutrition and Maternal and Child Health programs are hallmarks of this community outreach focus. Hospital community health workers provide education through schools and clinics to teach good community health practices. Regular under-five check-ups and prenatal care help protect some of the most vulnerable people in developing countries.


The following hospitals and clinics are part of this program that brings health and healing to communities throughout Africa and Asia.

Country Hospitals and Clinics
Cote d'Ivoire Dabou United Methodist Hospital

Democratic Republic of Congo






Kabongo Hospital
Shungu Memorial Reference Health Center, Kamina
Nyembo Umpungu Clinic
Samuteb Hospital, Katanga
Mama Tabita Hospital, Kolwezi
Mulungwishi Maternity and Health Center
Lambuth Hospital at Wembo Nyama
Minga Hospital
Tunda Hospital
Kananga II Clinic
Mpassa Health Center



Ganta United Methodist Hospital
Camphor Clinic
Diecke Clinic (Guinea)

Mozambique Chicuque Rural Hospital
Nigeria Rural Health Project, Zing

Sierra Leone

Kissy United Methodist Hospital, Freetown
Mercy Hospital, Bo



Nyadire United Methodist Hospital
Mutambara United Methodist Hospital 
Old Mutare Hospital