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International HIV/AIDS Ministry

The Spread of HIV/AIDS

There are many social, political, economic and cultural reasons for the spread of HIV/AIDS, including civil war and the consequent vulnerability of women and girls; men leaving rural homes to work on distant mines and farms; prison conditions; unemployment; the necessity of exchanging sex for food or shelter – and finally, people simply not knowing about this disease and that it is so easily contracted.

Local and national communities are affected in every way: the customs are broken; social hierarchy is changed because the elderly must care for the very young; there is often rejection of those infected and the consequent disintegration of family life; economies are drastically weakened and health care is stretched to the limit. Children who cannot afford an education or vocational training face a bleak future in countries that need literate, qualified young adults.

United Methodist Hospitals and Clinics

Through the Hospital Revitalization program, UMCOR Health works with United Methodist hospitals and clinics primarily in Africa to address the AIDS crisis locally.  Community outreach programs provide education through churches, schools and communities to reduce stigma and encourage testing.

Hospitals encourage pregnant women to get tested for HIV/AIDS and provide counseling to those who test positive.  Women who are HIV positive receive additional care to prevent the transmission of HIV to their child during childbirth.  The hospitals and clinics also provide follow-up care and testing help to keep the child healthy and AIDS-free.

Where available, antiretroviral medicines are provided along with nutritional assistance to help those who live with HIV/AIDS.  In many areas of the world the stigma of AIDS is huge and patients risk being shunned from their families and neighborhoods.  Sensitive counseling programs and confidentiality help people living with HIV/AIDS to seek assistance knowing they will be treated with care and respect.

Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Hundreds of thousands of children in developing countries are being orphaned by AIDS. Many orphaned children live with grandparents or other relatives.  Many more are left to care for themselves—often resulting in child-headed households.

The Orphans and Vulnerable Children program supports projects that assist these children with their daily necessities, school fees, moral and spiritual support. 

Support Our Work

Most of these programs are supported through the United Methodist Global AIDS Fund, the Hospital Revitalization Program, and additional funding programs like the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

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