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The Staff of Kissy United Methodist Hospital

Dr. Dennis H. Marke, Chief Medical Officer
Dr. Eugene Muembo, Medical Officer
Janet Bio, Head Midwife, Maternity Ward

Kadiatu "Kadie" Sesay, Coordinator, Nutrition Program
Ernest Jusu, Coordinator of the Friends Unit (HIV/AIDS)

Harry Fea Kowa, Head Lab Technician

Reverend Reuben P. Seiyia, Financial and Administrative Officer

Dr. Marke Dr. Dennis H. Marke, Chief Medical Officer

It is through the leadership of Dr. Dennis H. Marke that Kissy United Methodist Hospital has evolved into the community mainstay that it is today.

Dr. Marke is acutely aware of the great need in his country. "Sierra Leone has the highest infant mortality in the world. Our poor water supply causes continued diarrhea. Malnutrition is rampant in children. Ignorance, poverty and the war increased HIV, and local drugs are really expensive and often fake." Many doctors in Africa leave their home countries to seek a better life for themselves in countries such as the UK or Canada, but Dr. Marke, originally from the town of Mutoo, in the upper, more rural provinces of Sierra Leone, feels a responsibility to stay with and care for his people.

Now, as the Chief Health Administrator at Kissy Hospital, Dr. Marke stresses the need for the holistic care of the patient and believes that prayer is incredibly important in caring for the sick. He is proud of his staff and the noted improvement in services and skills they have developed over the years, which has supported the strong reputation of the hospital. He looks ahead to continuing the expansion of the hospital, staff expertise and services for his patients and the Kissy community: "They rely on our care and it makes us proud to be able to help them."

Dr. Marke's support comes from Operation Classroom and the Indiana Conference. In 2007 Dr. Mark began pursuing his Masters in Public Health in California. Operation Classroom is supporting Dr. Marke's education as well.

Eugene MuemboDr. Eugene Muembo, Medical Officer
Dr. Eugene Muembo always wanted to be a doctor. As a child, Dr. Muembo frequently cared for his mother who struggled with an ongoing illness. This experience led to his desire to be adoctor. Dr. Muembo's career as a general practitioner and practicing surgeon has taken him from his native Democratic Republic of Congo, where he and his family were forced to flee from civil unrest and war, to Kenya, where he spent four years at Maua Methodist Hospital prior to coming to Kissy United Methodist Hospital.

Janet BioJanet Bio, Head Midwife, Maternity Ward

Janet Bio has delivered more babies than she can remember. A skilled and educated midwife, Ms. Bio was invited by Dr. Marke in 1996 to establish a Maternity Ward at the hospital to focus on maternal health while addressing the high rate of maternal morbidity in Sierra Leone. Today, it is now the busiest department at Kissy Hospital.

Ms. Bio starts each day by working her way through the ward's small but overflowing units-prenatal, delivery and the new mother clinics. She knows the name of every mother and checks in on the latest additions to the ward. In a typical day she will deliver upwards of 10 babies, all within the confines of a small room that holds only two examination tables.

Kadie SesayKadiatu"Kadie" Sesay, Coordinator, Nutrition Program
Watching her family struggle with medical issues when she was young, Kadiatu" Kadie" Sesay decided early on that she would dedicate her life to helping others. A missionary family in the US financially supported her dream of attending college, where she earned her nursing degree.

Ms. Sasey first worked in the maternity ward when she started working at Kissy Hospital. There she noticed weak mothers giving birth to sickly children, all because the mothers were poor, did not have enough food, and did not know how to provide a balanced diet of essential vitamins and proteins to their families. With the support of the hospital administrator, Dr. Dennis H. Marke, Ms. Sasey founded the Kissy Hospital Nutrition Program. She was determined to fight malnutrition and hunger, and aggressively began educating patients and the community about malnutrition. When funds ran out for the commonly-used yogurt based supplement, Ms. Sasey created a protein-rich, lentil-based meal called "Benne Mix" which is comprised of locally-available ingredients. Since that time Ms. Sasey has served and saved the lives of hundreds of sick children and their families.

Ernest JusuErnest Jusu, Coordinator of the Friends Unit (HIV/AIDS)
Ernest Jusu,Coordinator of the Kissy Hospital Friends Unit for HIV/AIDS patients, is passionate about his job. Since taking over the program in 2001, Mr. Jusu and his staff have counseled and supported more than 1,300 people living with HIV/AIDS in the Kissy Community.

The comprehensive Friends Unit program aims to combat the health threat, social stigma, and spread of AIDS. In addition to supporting individual patients, Mr. Jusu spear heads school-based AIDS education programs and community awareness campaigns. He works tirelessly around the clock, seven days a week, to do his part in the fight against HIV/AIDS in Sierra Leone.

Harry KowaHarry Fea Kowa, Head Lab Technician
Harry Fea Kowa remembers when, as a school boy, he walked through his first hospital. Of particular interest to him at that time was the laboratory, with all of its equipment, test tubes and blood cultures. Since that day, Mr. Kowa was certain that he would be a lab technician.

Supported by Brown United Methodist Church, located on the same campus as Kissy Hospital, Mr. Kowa worked his way through school and went to college in Nigeria and Germany in order to earn his university certificate and degree. He then worked the next 26 years at Nixon Memorial Hospital in rural Segbwema as the lab superintendent. Mr. Kowa was overjoyed when he was asked to join the Kissy United Methodist Hospital Staff in 2000, because it brought him back to his home church and community. He is particularly proud to serve in a mission hospital.

Now the head technician at Kissy Hospital, Mr. Kowa and his lab team process and collect data on tests submitted by the hospital's patients. The primary test administered through the lab is for malaria. In one month, the lab processes more than 1,000 malaria tests. Ninety percent of patients who submit malaria blood tests are infected with the disease. Other common lab work involves white blood cell counts for HIV; sickle cell tests for sickle cell anemia; blood sugar estimates; and tests for typhoid. Pregnancy tests and skin scrapes are also very common.

Rueben SeiyiaReverend Reuben P. Seiyia, Financial and Administrative Officer
The Rev. Reuben P. Seiyia is very skilled at balancing the demands of work, family, and school. In addition to being an associate pastor at Musselman Memorial United Methodist Church in Freetown, the Rev. Seiyia also serves as a financial and administrative assistant to Dr. Marke at Kissy Hospital. The Rev.Seiyia oversees the day-to-day operations of Kissy Hospital, including bill collection, providing financial waivers to patients who cannot afford care, oversight of the hospital staff, reporting and management of drug purchases, which is the hospital's main source of income.

Rev. Seiyia is also studying to earn his business management degree at a local university, and brought some of the concepts and management skills he learned in class into the hospital. Though he admits that he could make more money working at a government hospital or use his business degree for another job, he prefers to serve the people of Kissy.

He began his career as an ordained minister working with parish youth in a local church, braving brothels and the streets in order to reach out to troubled young men and women. Fortunately for the patients of Kissy, Rev. Seiyia has now directed that same caring and warm spirit to the hospital. "It makes me happy to contribute to the health of a person," he says. "It gives me joy."