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The Nutrition Program


At any given time more than 50 children are receiving treatment through Kissy United Methodist Hospital’s Nutrition Unit. The nutritionist works with the parents to ensure that they will be able to continue to care for their child after he or she is no in the program.

Children with symptoms of malnutrition are often identified by staff through the hospital’s other services and are referred to the Nutrition Unit. Sometimes parents come directly to the unit seeking assistance.

Malnourished children receive a substance called “benny mix” which was developed by Kissy Hospital’s own nutritionist. It is made from locally-available ingredients and is protein and nutrient-rich. Each week that the child is in the program parents receive a week’s supply of benny mix when they bring their child in for a check-up. Parents are taught how to prepare the benny mix and how to provide their children with the nutrition they need.