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Malaria Net
Malaria is the primary reason people come to Kissy United Methodist Hospital. This preventable disease carried by mosquitoes can rapidly become fatal if left untreated. The Malaria program at Kissy Hospital provides community education, medicine and mosquito nets to those who need them, particularly pregnant women and families with young children. They are most susceptible to the disease.

In 2007, Kissy Hospital treated nearly 8,000 people for malaria. More than 1,000 nets were distributed through Kissy Hospital and its related clinics. The active community education program as well as providing preventive treatment for pregnant mothers and distributing mosquito nets seems to be making an impact as malaria cases at the end of 2007 and beginning of 2008 were on the decline.

The importance of this community-based approached that Kissy Hospital and clinics are vitally important. Malaria kills a fifth of the children that live in sub-Saharan Africa.