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Kissy United Methodist Hospital

Kissy United Methodist Hospital
The Kissy United Methodist Hospital lies in an impoverished neighborhood on the eastern side of Freetown, Sierra Leone, located in West Africa. The country is rebuilding after 10years of civil war, which left homes and families destroyed, electric and sewage systems shattered, and the economy very weak. For the poor in the neighborhood of Kissy, Freetown, Kissy United Methodist Hospital is the only free hospital in the area. Even those who can afford to go to another hospital go to Kissy Hospital because it is known for quality health care.

Resources at Kissy Hospital are limited; there are often not enough beds to offer to pregnant women who trek to the hospital in labor. Necessary medication, mosquito nets, HIV/AIDS testing kits, sutures for surgeryand basic food such as milk for children in the malnutrition program are in constant demand.

Community Outreach

Kissy Hospital provides care through a community-based outreach model that sends health workers and traditional birth attendants out into the community. Kissy's HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Nutrition programs have community components where they provide education through schools and clinics to teach good community health practices. Six rural clinics that serve up to 150 villages are also a part of the Kissy health network. These clinics provide lifesaving care to communities that are far from any other medical facility. Regular under-five check-ups and prenatal care help protect some of Sierra Leone's most vulnerable citizens.