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Ganta United Methodist Hospital: How You Can Help

Patients make every attempt to pay for services they receive from Ganta United Methodist Hospital, but often the simple cost of reaching the hospital by commercial vehicles depletes their funds.  As a mission hospital the staff at Ganta always responds to and provides for the patients' needs, regardless of whether they can pay. Therefore the hospital depends upon United Methodists for critical support.

Read below to see how you can work with GBGM's Hospital Revitalization Program to support Ganta United Methodist Hospital.

Critical Needs
Ganta United Methodist Hospital offers many services to its patients and the community, but there is still a great need. There are many ways for United Methodists and others to get involved.

The following are just a few ways you can support the ongoing efforts at Ganta Hospital.
As renovation continues building supplies, volunteer work teams and funds to complete the rebuilding process are needed. Constructing staff residencies, rebuilding the pharmacy and renovating the outpatient department are current priorities for the hospital.
The following equipment is especially needed:

Basic operating funds for ongoing expenses such as medication, fuel for generators, and utility costs are always needed and appreciated.

The culmination of poverty, economic instability, renovations, and funding issues have created a challenging environment for Ganta United Methodist Hospital and the need for increased assistance from the Church is urgent.

Church or Conference Involvement
Whether it is sending volunteer teams to do construction projects, raising awareness, donating funds, or sending crucial medical supplies, there are many ways you can support our brothers and sisters in Ganta.

For example: In 2004, 19 visitors came from various United Methodist churches in the US and Germany to learn about and assess the hospital's needs, or to serve as short-term volunteers in mission.  As a result of these visits, Ganta Hospital received valuable equipment donations, especially for the hospital's laboratory.

How to Contribute
Your financial donations will be put to good use at Ganta Hospital. Building materials for the ongoing renovations at the hospital, a vehicle to transport supplies, a washer and dryer for linens, and an anesthesia machine, are all current needs at the hospital.

You can support this program by giving to UMCOR Advance #982168, Hospital Revitalization.

Online                               Give Now

By Offering                       For local church and Annual Conference credit,
                                           put your gift in the offering plate on Sunday.

By Check                         Make your check to UMCOR and mail to
                                           PO Box 9068,
                                           New York, NY 10087

By Credit Card                Call toll-free (800) 554-8583

One hundred percent of your contribution will go to Ganta United Methodist Hospital.

With support from United Methodists, annual conferences, and others, we can continue to care for our sisters and brothers in Ganta, who so desperately need the affordable, quality healthcare offered by Ganta United Methodist Hospital.

Oh behalf of the staff and patients at Ganta Hospital, thank you for your interest, compassion, and prayers.

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