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Welcome to Ganta United Methodist Hospital

The story of Ganta United Methodist Hospital, located in northeastern Liberia, West Africa, is one of perseverance and rejuvenation.

Since its inception as a rural health post in 1926, the hospital has opened its doors and hearts to meet the healthcare needs of Liberians.

Today, Ganta United Methodist Hospital is working to restore its infrastructure and revive its work, having endured the ravages of a 14-year civil war.  In 2003 the hospital facilities were looted and all but obliterated by fighting forces and rocket fire.

Though the war ended and Ganta Hospital reopened its doors to provide basic and emergency services in April 2004, the situation for most Liberians, particularly the more than 450,000 people served by the hospital, remains grave.

Despite tremendous hardships, the staff has returned to Ganta Hospital to serve the needs of the community. Still rebuilding, the 80-bed hospital currently offers emergency services, a prenatal center, a laboratory, outpatient care, and an eye clinic. Though Ganta Hospital often lacks the necessary supplies, including gauze and antibiotics, to best treat patients, the staff optimistically and diligently cares for their clients and one another.

The fortitude and spirit of Ganta Hospital staff, doctors, nurses, and medical aides who dedicate their lives to serving the hospital and its patients are inspiring. The Ganta United Methodist Hospital depends on the support of the United Methodist Church through the Hospital Revitalization Program to continue its operations. We encourage you to learn more about Ganta Hospital, immerse yourself in its community, and join us in our mission to care for our brothers and sisters in Liberia.

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