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Chicuque Rural Hospital Saves Woman from Ectopic Pregnancy

At 35, Suzana is married and two months pregnant with her third child. All of her children have been born at Chicuque Rural Hospital (CRH). She only feels comfortable delivering in a hospital rather than giving birth at home, a the more common rural tradition.

While very excited about having another baby, Suzana is not without fear. At this stage in her previous pregnancy, Suzana learned that she had an ecotopic pregnancy, a condition that occurs when the egg implants itself outside of the uterine cavity (usually the fallopian tubes). Unfortunately, Suzana's child did not survive.

Nine years ago, before developing pregnancy complications, Suzana was managing her own business in Chicuque-- buying and selling fish in local markets. Her work required much travel because many of her suppliers were not in the immediate area. Suzana was on a business trip 200 kilometers from home when she began to feel severe pain on the right side of her abdomen. Luckily she was with a friend, who immediately took her to a local health clinic.

Unfortunately, the services Suzana received at the clinic were inadequate. After waiting a long time to be seen, a technician injected her with unknown medicines. Realizing that the injections were not helping and not feeling uneasy about the poor services she had received, Suzana decided to go to CRH before her condition worsened. Without any available transportation, Suzana hitched a ride to Chicuque. She suffered miserably during the 200 kilometer trek over bumpy dirt roads to the hospital.

As soon as she arrived at CRH, Suzana was received immediately by Mr. Geraldo Baule, the primary OBGYN nurse at the hospital. He examined Suzana and determined that she had an unruptured ectopic pregnancy. She was rushed to surgery. Though the hospital staff could not save her baby, they saved her life. Suzana spent seven days at CRH, leaving her then one-year-old son to be cared for by her mother. Thankfully, Suzana recovered fully.

Suzana speaks highly of CRH. She says that she has been very well-treated and that the doctors and nurses are attentive to her needs. Contrasting CRH to the initial clinic where she received the injections, she is very grateful for the professional services of CRH. Her confidence in CRH is evident. She continues to visit the hospital regularly for routine check-ups and to take advantage of the hospital's ultrasound machine to ensure the sound health of her unborn child.

Nine years after her ectopic pregnancy, Mr. Baule is still her main OBGYN nurse. He does all of her consultations and manages her pre-natal care. Suzana says that not only does she continue to have confidence in his medical skills, but she has also become friends with the man, Mr. Baule, who saved her life.