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A Second Chance at Life: Success Stories

Chicuque Rural Hospital Doctors Save 12-year-old Boy from Death from Bacterial Meningitis
Losing the use of his legs, Felisberto depended upon the doctors at Chicuque to save him from the meningitis that had infected his spine and threatened his life.

Lazarus Gets a Second Chance through Chicuque Rural Hospital
Lazarus is a survivor of the civil war, who suffered from an unknown sickness that left him paralyzed, blind and mute when he was a teenager. Because of the care he received at Chicuque Rural Hospital, he was granted a new beginning.

Chicuque Rural Hospital Sees a Young, Pregnant Woman Through Malaria and Premature Delivery
Suffering from malaria while pregnant with twins, Paulina trusted the doctors of Chicuque Rural Hospital to save her life and is grateful for the care she received.

Chicuque Rural Hospital Helps a United Methodist Woman Beat Tuberculosis
Tuberculosis is a major cause of disability and death in the developing world. Read about Adelina, who, with the help of the staff at Chicuque Rural Hospital, is recovering from this debilitating disease and starting to rebuild her life.

Chicuque Rural Hospital Saves Woman from Ectopic Pregnancy
After suffering complications from an ectopic pregnancy and being poorly treated by a local clinic, Suzana traveled to Chicuque Rural Hospital, where she knew that only the medical personnel at CRH could save her life.

Through Divine Intervention, Jeremias Found Chicuque Rural Hospital
Jeremias Franca is a Person in Mission (PIM) who strongly believes that God led him to Chicuque and feels very blessed to be the hospital's administrator.

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