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Chicuque Hospital: A Unique Rural Hospital Staff

Currently, the service delivery system at CRH operates through the efforts of five doctors, including two German missionaries, one an internist and the other a pediatrician. It also consists of a number of medical technicians and nurses and non-professional clinical staff.

CRH is not typical of a rural health clinic within the health system. First, most rural referral hospitals in Mozambique do not have access to physicians or medical specialists. CRH, in contrast, boasts five doctors: three sponsored by the government, two provided by the UMC. One result of this high-caliber staff is that CRH serves as the only rural hospital to offer surgery and an operating room.

CRH is also the only hospital in the whole country that is managed by a hospital administrator. His name is Jeremias Franca. In most hospitals, the head physician doubles as the administrative as well as the medical director.

In addition to five doctors and the hospital administrator, 13 medical technicians and 48 nurses work to meet the needs of CRH's many patients. Medical technicians are mid-level medical personnel that assist doctors in all areas of care- from the operating room and maternity ward to malaria treatment and HIV testing. Day in and day out the technicians and nurses, many with less than eight years of formal education, are called to perform the work of professional physicians in order to meet the significant demands of CRH's patients. These mid-level clinicians are given little real medical training and must learn on-the-job how to properly care for patients. With such a dependence on mid-level medical providers, it is no small feat that CRH provides a level of care that is recognized as being equal to if not better than the central hospital in the capital city of Maputo.

The staff at Chicuque truly are miracle-workers. To read more about some of the amazing doctors, clinicians and nurses at CRH, visit the "Meet the Staff" page.

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