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Sujithar proudly shows her bumper crop of soybeans.

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UMCOR Georgia: Bringing Warmth and Relief
The Kosantia family is just one of many who received warm blankets and other necessities through a recent effort led by UMCOR to supply items such as blankets to internally displaced people living in Western Georgia.


UMCOR Georgia to Receive $3 Million for Agricultural Development
The United Methodist Committee on Relief Non Governmental Organization received notification that the US Department of Agriculture intends to award over $3 million in commodities to support agriculture development in the Republic of Georgia.


A New Beginning for Former Soldiers
At the end of July 2007 a group of former soldiers in Liberia's drawn out civil war graduated with skills that have nothing to do with the guns of their youth.


UMCOR Skills Training for Ex-combatants in Liberia
UMCOR has launched the "Apprenticeship Skills Training, Accelerated Learning and Small Enterprise Development Program" for more than 1,400 demobilized ex-combatants in Montserrado County.


An Ex-combatant's Ordeal
Joseph waves his gun in the air, "take this thing sister, take it from me! I don't want it anymore." Joe was handing his arm to me, he seemed too eager to be rid of it. He had come to the disarmament pick-up point holding his gun in the left hand and a palm branch in his right. Joseph is 26 years old and has a daughter aged five.


Demobilisation of ex-combatants at UMCOR-managed camp in Liberia
Ex-combatants, including women and children, are being demobilized as part of a UN-run program at the Voice of America (VOA) Cantonment Camp in Liberia.


Challenges in Lofa County
In Lofa County, returning refugees and IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) urgently require relief and reconstruction assistance.


Distribution of hygiene kits in Soul Clinic IDP center
With the funds raised through the EmK-Weltmission Christmas 2003 appeal (, more than 1000 hygiene kits containing vital hygiene and toiletry items will be distributed to internally displaced persons in Liberia


UMCOR Responds to Needs in Sri Lanka
The United Methodist Committee on Relief Non-Governmental Organization (UMCOR NGO) is on the ground in Sri Lanka, working with other humanitarian aid organizations to provide emergency assistance to those who are escaping conflict.


UMCOR is Still a Beacon of Hope for Tsunami Survivors
Three years ago the waves of the Indian Ocean turned an incalculable number of lives inside-out. The tsunami swallowed miles of coastline, washed away homes and businesses, filled wells with silt and saltwater, and stole more than a quarter million lives in 11 countries.


31-40 of 46