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UMCOR hands over the first of 113 houses to tsunami and war survivors in Eastern Sri Lanka

24 July 2006

NEW YORK, July 24, 2006-Marking the rebirth of the community in Karunkalicholai, Sri Lanka, UMCOR handed the keys to five houses constructed for tsunami and war survivors in this Eastern Sri Lanka town. The keys were given to the first five beneficiaries in a July 21 ceremony conducted in the presence of the Government Agent. These are the first of 113 houses to be completed by UMCOR over the next few months.

The devastating tsunami of December 26, 2004, destroyed the village and killed 5 people. However, UMCOR is also mindful that more than 40 inhabitants have been killed in the war.

UMCOR Sri Lanka Head of Mission Guy Hovey said:

"UMCOR is very pleased to be able to assist war as well as tsunami survivors. War affected people are often overlooked as they were not affected by the tsunami. Many have been waiting 15 years for help and this is intolerable. It is our duty to work with war-affected as well as tsunami-affected people. With the assistance they have received and the support from the Government Agent and District Secretary the community will continue to grow and the families will realize their goals in life. UMCOR is very proud and humbled to have been part of this process."

The United Methodist Committee of Relief is the non-proselytizing, non-discriminatory humanitarian agency of the United Methodist Church in the USA.