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Early Response Team Credentials

Early Response Team volunteers can now receive an UMCOR badge that will identify them as individuals who have received appropriate training and approvals to assist communities in the early days after a major disaster.

Instituted May 1, 2009, this process is part of a national effort to certify early response volunteers across multiple agencies. This was born out of “lessons learned” from 9/11 and the need for volunteers to hold specific credentials to enter the disaster site.

This process will enable all Early Response Team volunteers who attend (and pass) the appropriate UMCOR training courses as well as submit a background check to receive national certification to assist following a US disaster.

Qualifications for an UMCOR ERT Badge:

Already a Trained ERT Member?

There are currently thousands of trained ERTs in the country. UMCOR is unable to make this arrangement retroactive. By beginning this process now, and applying it to the recertification process as well, we will have everyone officially badged within three years.


Please download and use the resources below for more information about the credentialing process and for supporting documentation.