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Sudan Emergency

As the rainy season got under way in South Darfur, UMCOR helped keep hope in the future alive by providing seeds and agricultural tools to displaced families. Here Adel Dut planted sorghum on land outside the camp.

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Sudan Emergency, UMCOR Advance #184385

UMCOR opened a field office for direct relief and rehabilitation in the embattled Darfur region of Sudan in February 2005.  Later that year the program expanded to include agriculture extension, emergency supply distribution, and small-scale livelihoods. The initial work is concentrated in South Darfur. UMCOR is also working with a coalition of other humanitarian organizations to provide assistance to Sudanese refugees fleeing from Darfur into the neighboring nation of Chad.

Efficient-AquaWe're 100% efficient.  Every dollar you give to this emergency will provide humanitarian relief and recovery only for this emergency.  That's because gifts to the One Great Hour of Sharing offering covers UMCOR's costs to administer your gifts.