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Faith-based networksMonday Developments Magazine

 Community-Based, Faith-Partner Networks help UMCOR see the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake through the eyes of the people affected and respond accordingly. Read the full story, beginning on page 47, in the current issue of Monday Developments Magazine, a publication of InterAction.


Hope and Tears Mark Haiti Tragedy MemorialsHope and Tears Mark Haiti Tragedy Memorials

By Elliott Wright
Global Ministries staff marked the first anniversary of the 2010 Haiti earthquake and the deaths in the disaster of two beloved colleagues.


Haiti Podcast 2011Podcasts from the UMCOR Haiti Update:

* Rev. Jim Gulley, UMCOR Consultant
* Melissa Crutchfield, UMCOR's International Disaster
   Response Executive

* Juan Carlos Real, Head of Mission in Haiti


HaitiHaiti Aid Map

InterAction created an online Haiti mapping project to help organizations coordinate efforts. Click here Gifts to support UMCOR Haiti can be made at


The Chronicle of PhilanthropyHaiti Earthquake Fund Raising, One Year Later

 UMCOR is grateful to United Methodists and others of goodwill who have contributed so generously to our relief and recovery work in Haiti. Your generosity has placed UMCOR among the top ten organizations in terms of funds raised for Haiti recovery, according to The Chronicle of Philanthropy. Read more.


Haiti UpdateHaiti Recovery Update: Special Webcast

Our broadcast on January 10 at 8:00 p.m. EST will be an update on the work in Haiti one year after the earthquake. We journey back to Haiti to speak with UMCOR staff on the continuing work in the country.


Jim GulleyOne Year Later: Haiti Quake Survivor The Rev. Jim Gulley

 The Rev. Jim Gulley, UMCOR consultant explains why he cannot abandon Haiti, even after being trapped during the earthquake in January 2010. "I needed to go back and to re-engage."


Haiti Progressing with HopeHaiti: Progressing with Hope

January 12 marks one year since the devastating earthquake shook the impoverished nation of Haiti. While progress has been painstakingly slow, signs of hope are springing up for those affected by the earthquake.


Sharad Aggarwal Delivers Relief Supplies.The Recovery Tightrope in Haiti

Over the course of the year since the earthquake in Haiti, the work of recovery there has advanced like a tightrope walker along a taut chord.


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