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Emergency Relief & Recovery

To support long-term recovery, many UMCOR responses occur over a period of months and years.  UMCOR always works to enable those affected by disasters to take responsibility for relief and recovery work.  Wherever possible, UMCOR forms partnerships with other religious and secular organizations as well as government entities, where appropriate, to pool resources and avoid duplicating efforts.The information below is a sample of UMCOR’s responses to disasters in our world. 



Conflicts in Sudan
Ongoing conflict and skirmishes in Sudan regularly disrupt lives and displace people in both Darfur and South Sudan.  UMCOR works in both regions to increase stability and provide services to displaced people. 

►In Southern Sudan, UMCOR Helps Build an Infrastructure of Peace

Zimbabwe Crises
A series of infrastructure and economic breakdowns plunged Zimbabwe into a series of crises in which basic necessities such as food, water, and medical care were simply not available.  In the midst of these deep needs, UMCOR brings relief.

►Zimbabwe Maize Meal Distribution

Sexual Violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Soldiers in the many-sided conflict in DRC are infamous for controlling villagers by raping female inhabitants of all ages. UMCOR works with a variety of organizations in the South Kivu region—one that has been particularly affected by the war—to bring healing to these women.

►Sexual Violence and HIV



Pakistan Floods
Water inundated Paksitan in a slow moving tsunami during the fall of 2010.  Floods of unheard-of proportions swallowed the country, leaving survivors with little. 

►Rain of Compassion—UMCOR’s Response to Floods in Pakistan

Philippines Typhoons
Typhoons Ketsana and Parma swept across the Philippines in September and October 2009 affecting some 8.4 million people. 

►UMCOR Expands Response to Typhoon-Hit Philippines



Georgia Conflict
When Russia invaded the South Ossetia Province of Georgia in 2008 UMCOR used its warehouse of relief supplies and personnel already in place to provide assistance to those fleeing the violence. 

►UMCOR Helps Thousands Displaced in Georgian Conflict



UMCOR’s long-term and robust response to the January 2010 earthquake that flattened much of the country provides medical, social, and educational support for survivors. 

►UMCOR Haiti Updates

Chile Earthquake
UMCOR provided disaster response training to Chilean Methodists just months before the earthquake struck.  Because of this training, the newly formed disaster response organization, Methodist Humanitarian Aid Team was ready to provide help.

►Earthquake and Tsunami Response Continues in Chile




UMCOR worked with partners to bring relief to Palestinian civilians living in the Gaza Strip when violence broke in January 2009. 

►UMCOR Responds to Gaza Relief Needs