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Crisis in the Horn of Africa
While the countries of the Horn of Africa experience their worst drought in decades, UMCOR is working with partners there to plan a regional response.


Rice and Beans
After last year’s earthquake in Haiti, deaf Haitians banded together to form their own village, where they share the common goal of recovery from the disaster.


In Sri Lanka, Village Livelihood Groups Promote Independence
An UMCOR-implemented livelihoods program in Sri Lanka is helping villagers start their own businesses and build a brighter future for themselves and their families.


There for the Long Haul
Bulging rivers in North and South Dakota will crest this weekend, but relief and recovery challenges will remain for months to come.


Fending off the Cold in DR Congo
Internally displaced persons in DR Congo can stop wearing extra clothes to bed, thanks to a distribution of blankets.


Japan Relief Advances
UMCOR hails the opening today of an ecumenical disaster response office in Japan.


In Columbia: Clinic Inauguration Ushers in a New Day
After years of violence, survivors in six Colombian villages find healing and a new life, thanks to a recently inaugurated clinic. Read the story and view videos of the inauguration.


Reaping Cocoa Benefits
Although the Dominican Republic is considered the second poorest country in the Caribbean, cocoa producers who are members of CONACADO Cooperative, are reaping sweet benefits through fair trade premiums.


UMCOR Keeps Promise to Storm Survivors
UMCOR is keeping its promise to stand with tornado, storm, and flood survivors, who this spring have experienced historic challenges.


From Sri Lanka to Haiti
Field officers from eight countries where UMCOR runs emergency and transitional development programs gathered at headquarters for an annual meeting.


Innovation: Tool for Rebuilding
A forum in Haiti, sponsored by UMCOR, EMH, and UMVIM, calls for creative solutions to the persistent problem of rebuilding homes.


UMCOR Attends Ivorian Inauguration
UMCOR head, Rev. Cynthia Fierro Harvey, and board director, Bishop Janice Huie, attend Ivorian president’s inauguration this weekend in a sign of solidarity and hope for peace.


A Rolling Flood of Need
As UMCOR assists annual conferences in the wake of April tornadoes and severe storms, new emergencies loom.


Survivors of Human Trafficking: Not Without Hope
“Not without Hope,” the walls of the shelter seem to whisper to new arrivals, survivors of human trafficking in Armenia.


UMCOR Underscores Commitment to Storm-ravaged South
UMCOR underscored today its “absolute commitment” to communities impacted by this year’s historic spring storms, even though the organization’s US Disaster Response funds are extraordinarily tight.


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