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UMCOR Responds to Typhoon Sendong

December 21, 2011--The UMCOR Philippines office responded to several typhoons this year, including Tyhoon Sendong, which caused flash flooding in southern Philippines swept through Cayagan De Oro and Iligan cities on Mindanao Island, leaving more than 957 people dead and at least 1,582 injured on Dec. 15. Local volunteers are packaging goods along with water purification tablets provided by UMCOR partner GlobalMedic.

UMCOR Philippnes also responded to areas of the Philippines that were affected by back-to-back typhoons in September. The two typhoons, Nesat and Nalgae struck the island of Luzon within less than a week of each other.

According to civil defense officials, more than 586,000 people remain displaced, forced from their homes by the rising waters or unsafe conditions. Nesat slammed into northern Luzon on September 27, followed by Nalgae just five days later. They brought storm surges, flashfloods, and landslides.

Mrs. Aning Adriano, one of many who received goods through UMCOR’s efforts, said, “This is the first time we have received relief goods from a church or church-related agency and for that, we are very thankful.”

San Isidro is an isolated village of Hagonoy. Goods and volunteers had to be transported by canoe in order to reach the community.

You can support UMCOR's response in the Philippines by giving to Philippines Emergency, UMCOR Advance #240235.