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Voices from Haiti: Madame Remy

Madame Remy lives in the Corail resettlement camp in Haiti because her home in Delma was destroyed in the January 12 earthquake. She says here is a collective sadness in the camp because of the earthquake and the associated losses.

She is staying in a tent with her husband and their six children, who range in age from 11 to 23. Her older children attend classes outside the camp and take a tap tap (bus) to school at a cost of 20 Haitian dollars each day, while the younger children go to elementary school inside the camp. Her husband broke both his legs in the earthquake and now uses crutches to navigate the rocky compound. Before the earthquake, Madame Remy sold different products to earn a living, but now the family has no income and very little food. She hopes her children will be able to finish school and earn good livings so that eventually they can take care of her.

UMCOR is building transitional school structures in resettlement camps to give children the opportunity to continue their studies in a clean, secure environment. Your support for Haiti Emergency, UMCOR Advance #418325 is as urgent now as it was immediately following the January 12 disaster. Please give generously at

Interview by Lauren James and Melissa Hinnen