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Help Sager Brown Deliver Kits of Hope

February 29, 2008—In Georgia, happy faces, smiles and hundreds of cheerful voices filled a room when children saw the arrival of school kits, health kits and sewing kits donated by UMCOR last September. UMCOR Georgia and a local partner, the Fund to Support Disabled IDP Children, jointly distributed the kits to 300 displaced children, including 55 physically and mentally disabled children from Abkhazia, who live at the Collective Center for Internally Displaced Persons. Seven-year-old Gio said excitedly, “This is the happiest day in my life. Thank you for this.”

Every day lives around the world are touched by the gifts you give to UMCOR. Large tangible items like food, clothing, shelter and clean water are gifts of survival. But it’s also the smaller everyday gifts—a needle, thread, a ruler, a pen, a pillow or sheet—contained in an UMCOR supply kit that is bringing hope in a more personal way.

Supplies Are Low

UMCOR's relief supply warehouse, the UMCOR Sager Brown Depot in Baldwin, La., needs your support to provide much-needed bedding, sewing and layette kits for Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. Sager Brown has received fewer kits over the last year and stocks are becoming alarmingly low.

Sager Brown is especially requesting donations for 33,000 layette kits, 64,000 sewing kits and approximately 1,000 bedding kits to meet upcoming needs. Donations for all kits are needed to prepare for uncertain times and future relief efforts. The Sager Brown Depot is accepting complete kits as well as items in bulk.

Kits Supply Everyday Needs

In places like Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, people who are sick, elderly, women, children, refugees and other vulnerable groups are being cared for through the distribution of these material resources. The kits are delivered to primary healthcare facilities and the institutions that serve the people in need. Whether they are school supplies to help a child return to school, fabric and thread to help make a dress or a baby blankets to help a mother care for her child, these kits are meeting personal everyday needs. Help replenish needed kit supplies today. You can also give financial gifts towards purchasing supplies. By doing so, you make a tangible difference in the lives of others.

How You Can Help

Please visit UMCOR’s Relief Supplies web page to learn about the specific kit contents, the estimated value, the cost for processing and shipping, as well as shipping instructions. Please give generously to Material Resources, UMCOR Advance #901440. Online Giving