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Georgia Conflict: UMCOR Brings Assistance to the Sick and Injured

NEW YORK, August 15, 2008—The United Methodist Committee on Relief in Georgia will begin distributing some $190,600 in medicines and medical supplies today to 11 hospitals throughout Georgia that are treating those wounded in the recent conflict there.

The supplies consisting of antibiotics, syringes, sterile gloves and other necessary items were part of two US Government-sponsored airlifts for humanitarian assistance that arrived in Georgia August 13 and 14. UMCOR is coordinating and distributing the medical supply portion of the shipment, while four other organizations coordinate the distribution of other kinds of assistance.

“To be asked to carryout this level of assistance speaks to the trust both the US and the Georgian governments have in UMCOR,” said Sam Dixon, UMCOR’s top executive. “We have provided health programs to some of Georgia’s most vulnerable people for the last 15 years. This is a real confirmation of the quality of our work and relationships.”

Additional Assistance

In addition to distributing supplies from these airlifts, UMCOR also provided hundreds of people who were displaced by the violence with UMCOR Sager Brown health kits. The kits contain soap, toothbrush, wash cloth, comb and other basic hygiene items that are often left behind in situations such as these.

UMCOR is also meeting with key humanitarian groups in the country as well as government agencies to continue coordinating and planning further responses to the deep needs created by this conflict.

The conflict has disrupted all of UMCOR’s regular work. Agriculture and reconstruction are currently on hold as plans are made to provide relief in the wake of this surge of violence. UMCOR has expanded its medical distribution program to provide emergency assistance.

How You Can Help

UMCOR’s Georgian staff works to provide agricultural, reconstruction and medical assistance to some of Georgia’s most vulnerable people. You can be part of the work and the humanitarian response to the conflict by giving to Georgia Emergency, UMCOR Advance #250305. Online Giving