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Ganta UM Hospital Partners With Curamericas*

NEW YORK, July 21, 2008—Ganta United Methodist Hospital in Liberia will receive a boost thanks to a new partnership with Curamericas Global, Inc. Through this partnership, Curamericas will establish its Child Survival and Health Program at Ganta and address the needs of maternal and child health.

The partnership was made possible through a $1.25 million grant awarded by USAID (United States Agency for International Development) to Curamericas, a non-governmental organization that establishes primary health care programs, mainly in Latin America and the Caribbean. The Child Survival and Health Program will help reduce neonatal, infant, child and maternal mortality rates within the six sub-districts of northern Nimba County. The five-year program will begin in October, 2008 and will serve more than 135,000 people including about 54,000 women and children.

GBGM’s Health and Welfare Unit Aids Partnership

Global Ministries’ Health and Welfare unit assisted Curamericas in identifying Ganta Hospital as an ideal partner for their Child Survival and Health Program. Cherian Thomas, Health and Welfare executive, recognized the suitable fit and was instrumental in the collaboration— as Curamericas was also looking to expand their operations to Africa. When USAID sent out its Liberia-specific request for proposal—Curamericas took the opportunity to apply. The Health and Welfare unit worked with Curamericas to obtain the grant, which scored the highest out of 11 grants reviewed by USAID in its New Partner category.

Increasing Ganta Hospital’s Capacity

Ganta Hospital, a major health center in Nimba County that serves a community of 450,000 people, will further increase its health capabilities through Curamericas’ Child Survival and Health Program. This will be achieved through the training and deployment of 130 community health workers and four mobile primary health care teams throughout the district—along with 130 traditional midwives and 1,300 volunteer care groups that will be trained to help communities in need.

Access to Health and Clean Water

Liberia’s civil war devastated its health care system leaving a critical shortage of health professionals as well as destroyed or looted clinics in ruins. Because of this, the people have lacked access to quality health care. This program will help increase access to prenatal care, clean and safe delivery by skilled birth attendants; provide post partum care and will integrate health education on malaria and HIV/AIDS prevention. The Ganta community will also be empowered by trained health workers who will make home visits and teach families successful health practices.

As part of this program, Curamericas will also mobilize volunteer work teams from the US to assist in various health, water and sanitation projects throughout the communities ensuring safe, clean drinking water and accessibility. “We are thrilled to be partnering with Curamericas in Ganta,” said Cherian Thomas, Health and Welfare executive. “Their expertise and proven track record will accelerate Ganta’s efforts to provide the community with the quality health care they need.”

Serving the Community

Through the comittment, leadership and support of Bishop John Innis of the Liberia Annual Conference, Ganta hospital’s renovation work following the war has enabled the hospital to increase its capacity. Today, Ganta Hospital offers a wide range of primary and preventative healthcare services including, general medicine, basic surgery, ophthalmology, pediatrics, malaria and leprosy treatment, women’s health and HIV testing. The hospital staff works very hard to not only to treat and serve hospital patients, but to educate and care for the entire community. The hospital's staff overcame incredible post-war challenges to resurrect the hospital and once again provide the quality care the people of Liberia need.

How You Can Help

Ganta United Methodist Hospital is working to restore its infrastructure and revive its health care facilities following Liberia’s 14-year civil war. As this work continues, you can help the hospital in its efforts to provide mothers quality prenatal care, safe delivery, post partum care and health education by giving to Mother/Child Survival, UMCOR Advance #982645.

*Revised July 23, 2008