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UMCOR Sager Brown Needs Generators

By Susan J. Meister

BALDWIN, LA, Nov. 22, 2006—Volunteer in Mission teams in Biloxi, MS, using power tools to rebuild homes destroyed by Hurricane Katrina are connected in a very real way to the United Methodist relief supply center in Baldwin, La. The tools plug into a generator with the inventory tag "UMCOR Sager Brown."

First Biloxi UMC member Ken Newman has one word to describe the generator-"invaluable."

The UMCOR Sager Brown relief supply depot distributes millions of dollars of emergency supplies, clean-up tools (including generators), and basic necessities to displaced persons, storm survivors and volunteers all over the world. According to Charles Maddox, director of Sager Brown, at one time the depot had 20 generators available to loan out.

"The depot has just been overwhelmed with all the demands on it over the past two years," he said. "We've gone from 20 generators to zero."

Sager Brown needs 5000-watt, gas-powered generators. Maddox estimates that they cost between $500 and $800 each. "Even if they did come back," Maddox said, "they would not be in any shape to be sent out again."

How You Can Help

"Churches can donate a generator or the money to buy one," he said. "We need to let our connection know that major disasters like Hurricane Katrina exhaust our resources and they need to be replenished."

Local churches and conferences are invited to put the need for generators at UMCOR Sager Brown on their 2006 Christmas lists.

Donors can give a cash gift for a generator through UMCOR Advance #901440, Material Resource Ministry. Designate "generator" in the memo line of a check, or call toll free, 800-554-8583, to use a credit card. Mail checks to UMCOR, PO Box 9068, New York, NY 10087.   Online Giving

Susan Meister is UMCOR's Gulf Coast communications consultant.