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Liberian President Pledges Ambulance, Support for Ganta United Methodist Hospital

NEW YORK, Nov. 16, 2006—Liberian President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf continued her commitment to improving the health of the Liberian people by bringing improvements to Ganta United Methodist Hospital. In a visit to the hospital on Nov. 11, the president donated an air conditioner for Ganta Hospital's operating room and pledged the gift of a much-needed ambulance. President Johnson-Sirleaf also pledged 5,000 pounds of rice to help provide meals for nursing students living at the center.

Currently, the hospital has one pickup truck that can be used for all the hospital needs. The lack of available patient transportation has hampered the hospital's ability to care for the surrounding community. The ambulance will ensure that there is a vehicle committed to patient care and will improve Ganta Hospital's capacity to respond to emergency calls from nearby towns and communities.

During her November visit the president also recognized the sacrificial giving Yei Gborr, a woman who sells potato greens at the Ganta marketplace. In the 1920s Ms. Gborr's family donated the some of the land where Ganta Hospital now sits. When the hospital reopened following Liberia's civil war, Ms. Gborr gave $1,000 Liberian Dollars, more than her annual earnings, to give toward the hospital reconstruction. Ms. Gborr said she was spiritually "touched" to give her own donation to this place that has taken care of her and her family.

Ganta Hospital serves a community of 450,000 people and is a major health center for this area of Nimba County. President Johnson-Sirleaf, a United Methodist herself, has had an ongoing relationship with the hospital. She attended the Liberian United Methodist Church Annual Conference in February of this year when United Methodist missionary, Mary Zigbuo first requested an air conditioner for the operating room. "The hospital has an excellent relationship with the government and the president," notes Victor Taryor, Ganta Hospital Administrator. "The president places health as number one national priority and as such, we continue to enjoy her confidence and support."

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