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Get Equipped to Empower Ministries of Health at the Congregational Health Conference

Registration is well underway for the second national Congregational Health Ministries conference to be held in Memphis, TN, October 8 - 11. Space is limited to 75 attendees with priority given to Annual Conference representatives. Scholarships are available for tuition, room and board for the first 50 Annual Conferences to register. Interested persons not representing an Annual Conference are encouraged to register so they can be placed on the waiting list. Attendee selection is on a first come first served basis using the postmark or time and date of registration. Conference registration is open until September 1, 2006. Register now and reserve your position on the attendance list. Click here to register online.

In addition to the slate of four United Methodist Bishops, the roster of speakers includes experts in the execution or administration of health and welfare ministries:

Janie Ehrman, M.Ed., and Shirley Moore from the East Ohio Annual Conference will address the scope and impact of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in heterosexual populations: 68% of all new HIV cases are Black women and HIV in persons aged 50 and older is on the rise. Janie and Shirley will identify resources available in the community and how to address HIV/AIDS in your congregations in a sensitive and compassionate manner.

Gretchen Breyller-Hegeman, PhD, will explore the concept of a disease-based model of medicine and how that affects us as individuals and a culture. Dr. Breyller-Hegeman will also show how to change to a new paradigm that embraces a life-enhancing, spiritually-based model.

Kae Tritle, BSN, RN, Wellness Coordinator, Iowa Annual Conference, will use both Prochaska's Stages of Change and an adaptation of the Twelve-Step Program of AA to explore how to motivate people to make healthy changes in their lives. Change is more than making a decision to do something different. It also involves our emotions, motivations, our past and our relationships. This workshop is for persons who are interested in learning the "why and how" of helping people in the process of healthy lifestyle changes.

Teresa Cutts, PhD, will review the basic health education suggestions that can be presented to congregational groups regarding healthy nutrition, physical activity, and balancing spiritual and physical health. She will provide basic information and tips about encouraging health behavior change in a congregation/community within a "stages of change" model.

Look for the next conference update that will preview some of the "how to" discussions that will take place.