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Earthquake in Indonesia: UMCOR’s Response

New York, May 30, 2006-The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) is working with partner agencies to provide immediate relief and assistance following a major earthquake that shook the city of Yogykarta and surrounding areas in the early morning hours of May 27. The tremor took more than 5,000 lives and left over 200,000 people homeless in a highly-populated area on the Indonesian island of Java.

"We are deeply saddened by this latest disaster to strike Indonesia, a nation that has already suffered so much," says Paul Dirdak, UMCOR's top executive. "UMCOR knows the importance of a quick response to alleviate survivor's suffering. We are doing all we can to provide assistance both through our office in Medan and through our partners already operating in the disaster area."

UMCOR Indonesia's offices are located on the neighboring island of Sumatra. UMCOR is in contact with ACT International, one of UMCOR's international partners already on the ground in Yogyakarta. UMCOR Indonesia staff is at the ready to provide any additional assistance ACT may need. UMCOR is working with another long-time partner, Church World Service, which is distributing supplies since the quake and is assessing further needs throughout the region. UMCOR is also sending needed financial support to assist with their efforts.

How You Can Help

Cash gifts will help UMCOR continue to support the immediate relief and long-term recovery of those affected by the earthquake in Indonesia. Give to UMCOR Advance #217400, Indonesia Emergency. Please write the Advance # and name and in the memo line of your check.

Online                               Online Giving           

At Church                        For local church and Annual Conference credit,
                                           put your gift in the offering plate on Sunday.

By Mail                             Make your check to UMCOR and mail to
                                           PO Box 9068,
                                           New York, NY 10087

By Phone                       Call toll-free (800) 554-8583

Efficient-AquaWe're 100% efficient.  Every dollar you give to this emergency will provide humanitarian relief and recovery only for this emergency.  That's because gifts to the One Great Hour of Sharing offering covers UMCOR's costs to administer your gifts.