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Katrina Aid Today Grassroots Grant Program Revises Award Date

Grants up to $500,000 for local organizations providing case management and direct aid to Katrina survivors are being considered by United Methodist Committee on Relief. The grant award date is now the first week of May. Over 50 local organizations applied.

Privately Funded
Grants cover a 16-month program of case management for Katrina-affected survivors, carried out by local agencies. Unlike the sub-grants awarded to the nine national Katrina Aid Today partners in December 2005, these privately funded sub-grants may use up to 35% of the budget in direct aid to clients. Direct aid covers such expense as doctor bills, housing, school fees, and other needs of families still working through their recovery plans. The national grants are monitored by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Selection Process
A Grants Review Board of five UMCOR staff experienced in United States domestic disaster response will make final recommendations to the UMCOR board of directors. UMCOR's board of directors is the authorizing body for the funding under this aspect of the national case management consortium formed in 2005. Final approval for proposals will take place during the first week of May, 2006. UMCOR's board of directors reserves the right to fund all or none of the proposals submitted.

Priority Areas Highlighted in the RFP
The request for proposals lists the priority areas that UMCOR wants to support in order to balance the total Katrina Aid Today case management services across the United States. For example, some states with evacuees do not currently have a Katrina Aid Today consortium partner at work there. However, UMCOR was considering proposals from all parts of the nation, including the Gulf States.