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Mental Illness Awareness Week
Mental illness is often a hidden disability, but in any given year more than a quarter of Americans can be found to be living with mental illness.


Hope Among the Ashes in Texas
A North Texas Annual Conference Early Response team offers hope to survivors of devastating wildfires in Bastrop, Texas.


Casualties and Damages in Himalayas after Earthquake
A house destroyed by the 6.9 magnitude earthquake that struck Kathmandu, Nepal, is seen in Bhaktapur, September 18, 2011.


Sending a Message of Help and Hope
UMCOR is responding to widespread flooding in the Susquehanna Annual Conference and elsewhere, a consequence of Tropical Storm Lee.


Fighting Fires in Texas
UMCOR is prepared to resource annual conferences in Texas where wildfires continue to rage. Please pray for those who are faced with loss due to the fires.


Together Through Storm and Flood
During a lull in the rains that have lashed the East Coast and inland areas since Hurricane Irene lumbered through, personnel from UMCOR and the New York Annual Conference visited storm survivors and began assessing damages.


A Bold Act of Compassion
Following the tragic events of September 11, 2001, UMCOR developed a multifaceted response in the United States and overseas, including a still ongoing program in Afghanistan.


Surviving the Drought, and Preparing for the Next One
UMCOR partner Church World Service has been working with local communities in rural Kenya to provide water-capture systems that in the midst of today’s drought are helping the communities survive.


Impact of Hurricane Irene Not Over Yet
With severe flooding continuing in New Jersey, Vermont, and other areas, the impact of Hurricane Irene is far from over. UMCOR is responding with emergency grants to affected conferences.


Maximizing Resources for a Better Life
Karina Mikaelyan, 46, lives in the mountainous region of Semyonovka, Armenia. She is the primary caretaker for her four daughters and a son, two grandchildren, and her husband, who is unable to walk because of injuries he sustained during the war.


UMCOR Salutes Hispanic/Latino Group
Rev. Cynthia F. Harvey, UMCOR's top executive, celebrated with members of the United Methodist association of Hispanics and Latinos on the occasion of the group’s fortieth anniversary founding of MARCHA.


Disaster Response Has Its Own Timing
Five months after the massive earthquake and tsunamis in Japan, UMCOR is helping the Japanese people breathe fresh life into their recovery and rehabilitaion efforts.


Not Without Hope: Step by Step Recovery for Trafficked Survivors
Staff Psychologist Liudmila Badaylan, UMCOR Armenia, says communication and relationship building are among the first steps toward recovery for survivors of trafficking. Learn how she helps survivors on their road to recovery.


Drought just one factor in Horn of Africa Crisis
United Methodist Missionary Paul Jeffrey recently returned from the Dadaab refugee complex in Kenya, where he traveled for ACT Alliance and UMCOR. Read his observations on the severe drought in the Horn of Africa.


UMCOR Departs Indonesia
Six years and thousands of beneficiaries later, the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) has completed its mission and closed its doors in Indonesia.



31-45 of 254