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UMCOR and Muslim Aid to Present at Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting

NEW YORK, Nov. 20, 2007—The United Methodist Committee on Relief and Muslim Aid are presenting their ground-breaking partnership during the biennial Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting taking place in Kampala, Uganda Nov. 18-22. Fifty-three nations compose the group, representing 1.8 billion people. UMCOR and Muslim Aid’s participation in this meeting brings the partnership to the world stage.

The presentation and invitation to the meeting is the result of a grant by the Commonwealth Foundation to further explore interfaith partnerships such as the one between UMCOR and Muslim Aid. The presentation will occur on Wednesday, Nov. 21 and will be hosted by Terry Waite, author and humanitarian who had been held hostage in Beirut from 1987-1991.

A documentary and brochure about the UMCOR and Muslim Aid partnership will be presented as well as time for questions and answers and discussion among participants. Both organizations hope that this event will spark further interest and funding to bring the partnership to the next level of implementation.

About the Partnership

UMCOR and Muslim Aid, two faith-based non-proselytizing agencies, signed a formal partnership agreement on June 26, 2007, expressing the desire of both organizations to work together on peace building and poverty reducing programs. Both organizations are committed to serving the world's most vulnerable people regardless of race, religion, politics or gender.

The partnership between Muslim Aid and UMCOR has its origins in their joint works in Sri Lanka. The two organizations facilitated access for each other into areas previously closed to them due to ethnic and religious tensions. This brought vital life-saving expertise and aid to vulnerable displaced communities who otherwise would not have access to assistance.