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UMCOR is Committed to Help Cyclone Sidr Survivors

NEW YORK, Nov. 19, 2007—Super Cyclone Sidr, a deadly category four storm, battered the already-struggling nation of Bangladesh on Nov. 16. As the death count continues to rise by the thousands and survivors struggle to recover their homes, livelihoods and sense of safety, the United Methodist Committee on Relief is working to respond. India and Nepal were also affected, although Bangladesh bore the brunt of the storm.

UMCOR’s Response

UMCOR anticipates its response to be through partner agencies in Action by Churches Together and Muslim Aid, a British-based relief agency already working in the affected area of Bangladesh.

“UMCOR is committed to helping the people of Bangladesh recover,” says Sam Dixon, UMCOR’s top executive. “Although we are not there in person, we will work through our trusted partners who are already on the ground in Bangladesh.”

Both organizations are assessing the situation and UMCOR is ready to support them in their recovery efforts. ACT is initiating an emergency response to assist over 7,000 families with food, blankets and other needed items. Anticipated responses by both organizations include assisting displaced families in South Bangladesh with their basic needs. An estimated three million people were either evacuated or were displaced by the storm. The full extent of the devastation remains to be seen as many of the affected areas are difficult to reach.

UMCOR worked with ACT partners and Muslim Aid in Bangladesh late this past summer when the nation suffered severe flooding that displaced 400,000 people.

How You Can Help

To give to UMCOR’s work in response to Cyclone Sidr, please make out your check to UMCOR and mail it to UMCOR PO Box 9068, New York, NY 10087. Write “UMCOR Advance #202400, Bangladesh Emergency” on the memo line of your check. One hundred percent of every donation to any appeal, including appeals for Bangladesh, goes to support the designated program. Online Giving