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World AIDS Day 2007
Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise.

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Still a Fight

The worldwide statistics surrounding the HIV/AIDS epidemic has not changed for the better since last year. About 40 million people worldwide are HIV/AIDS infected, 4.3 million become newly infected each year and 25 million people have died of AIDS since 1981. As the battle against AIDS continues into another year, United Methodists are encouraged to press forward and stop the spread of this deadly disease by creating awareness.

Observing World AIDS Day on or near Dec. 1 is one way you can help. Join millions of others in the fight against HIV/AIDS and take the lead in your community—share important HIV/AIDS information. Every step United Methodists take gives one more person the hope to live positively with HIV/AIDS.

New Resources

HIV/AIDS Stories—this year UMCOR will present four different AIDS-related stories that demonstrate how United Methodists and others support HIV/AIDS programs around the world.

Two World AIDS Day Posters can be downloaded that highlight the AIDS Orphan Trust and United Methodist Global AIDS Fund advances. Download and print these posters to share how United Methodists are responding to the HIV/AIDS epidemic and how you can help.

World AIDS Day E-card is on-hand for you to encourage a friend or loved one to take action this holiday season.

World AIDS Day Reflection Calendar is an added resource presented by the Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance. This calendar is filled with 37 reflections, that includes a special devotion by Bishop Fritz and Etta Mae Mutti, coordinators of the United Methodist Global AIDS Fund, demonstrating the leadership of and challenges from Christians around the world who are engaged at all levels of the response to the HIV pandemic.

A Generation of Hope DVD—Orphans of the AIDS Crisis in Zimbabwe
A new 3 min. 40 sec. version of the documentary "A Generation of Hope" is now available and includes questions and reflections from the DVD to include in a group study or discussion. “A Generation of Hope” highlights the resilience of children whose parents have died of AIDS. It is an inspiring story of how Zimbabwe's children fight to keep their families together and struggle to make a future for themselves.

New Church Bulletin Insert —Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise. Download the latest church bulletin insert on the impact of HIV/AIDS among women and around the world. Stay engaged and stay in the fight by sharing all these resources and getting your local church community or group involved.

The Purpose

The purpose of World AIDS Day is to raise consciousness in the community about HIV/AIDS issues. This includes the need for support and understanding for people living with HIV/AIDS, and the need for the development of education and prevention initiatives.

World AIDS Day relates directly to the eight UN Millennium Goals to "Keep the Promise" to fight the sources of hunger and poverty in our world. This year’s focus is on “Leadership” under the “Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise” theme for 2007-2008. To read more about the worldwide response to AIDS, administered through the UNAIDS, and the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS, click here.

Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise. And make a difference in your community. Online Giving