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World Food Day 2007—“The Right to Food”

World Food Day is celebrated every year on Oct. 16 to commemorate the founding of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in 1945. World Food Day heightens public awareness of the plight of the world's hungry and malnourished and to encourage people worldwide to take action against hunger. United Methodists are encouraged to observe this very important day by participating in the UMCOR sponsored teleconference and World Food Day USA events and activities which can be found here.

This year FAO will celebrate World Food Day with the theme “The Right to Food.” The Right to Food is the right of every person to have regular access to sufficient, nutritionally adequate and culturally acceptable food.

An estimated 854 million people around the world remain undernourished. Hunger and malnutrition are caused by poverty, income disparities, lack of access to health care, education, clean water and sanitary living conditions. The Right to Food is based on the premise that every person—man, woman and child—must have access at all times to food that is sufficient in quality, quantity and variety and must be free of harmful substances.

UMCOR is Making a Difference

One way UMCOR is answering this need is through its support for the Foods Resource Bank. FRB is an ecumenical organization where US farmers designate acreage for growing projects. Communities pool their resources to cover the cost of production and then the proceeds from the crop are used to help eliminate hunger overseas through UMCOR and other denominational agencies.

In addition, through UMCOR’s Sustainable Agriculture and Development program, new methods of farming in impoverished areas are introduced. These new techniques are transforming communities with poor nutritional standards into thriving centers of crop production, market goods, and family income. Farmers learn practices of pest management, are trained to cultivate nutritional herbs, fresh vegetables and cash crops.

United Methodists are responding globally to preserve human dignity by supporting programs like these that will help people feed themselves and their families. Please use the information and resources on this page to learn more about hunger and poverty and how it affects our world and for ways to observe this day in your community.

Help us continue the fight against hunger by supporting Sustainable Agriculture and Development UMCOR Advance # 982188. Online Giving