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UMCOR Sager Brown Needs More Flood Buckets

BALDWIN, LA., AUG. 6, 2007—UMCOR Sager Brown Depot has nearly depleted its supply of flood buckets. The response effort to the recent Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma storm emergencies have severely taxed flood bucket stores. This low inventory is a serious concern especially when the Atlantic hurricane season is still uncertain.

For Kathy Kraiza, Executive Director the empty racks in the Baldwin, La., Depot are a "good news, bad news" situation.

"The good news is that we have sent over 3,800 flood buckets to Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma—over half the stock in the warehouse," she explained. "But that means we have fewer than 3,000 flood buckets in stock, and we're only halfway through the 2007 hurricane season."

Now, increasing the stock of flood buckets has become the most recent emergency at the Depot, as Midwest communities continue the clean-up process.

UMCOR needs your help to ensure this kind of support continues to be readily available. UMCOR has responded to 28 domestic emergencies in 24 annual conferences since September 2006. The many emergencies over the past months have depleted response supplies.

"We would like to rebuild our inventory quickly," Kraiza continued. She invites congregations and individuals to send bucket contents or a contribution to purchase supplies. A list of the contents can be found here, or you can give $45 towards the purchase of these items.

Gifts can be made to UMCOR Material Resources Advance # 901440 which will enable UMCOR to purchase needed relief supplies. Online Giving