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Congregational Health Conference Registration is Under Way

NEW YORK, June 8, 2007-United Methodists from all areas of the US will gather this fall to learn more about how churches can improve the health of their clergy, congregation and community. This third annual Congregational Health Ministries conference titled Empowering Ministries of Health: Starting, Implementing and Advancing will meet in Wichita, Kan., September 23-26, 2007.

"As Christ lives in each of us, we are called to be healthy in mind, body and spirit," said Patricia Magyar, executive secretary of Congregational Health Ministries at the General Board of Global Ministries, as she recalled John Wesley's text Primitive Physick in which he underlines the need to be mindful of our spiritual, physical and emotional health.

The conference content is geared toward those with a passion for health ministry, a health champion and health educators-people such as parish nurses and other interested individuals. Three program tracks will help those involved in congregational health ministry no matter what stage that ministry is in its development. One track will help churches start a health ministry, another will assist them in implementing it, and a third will focus on advancing an already-existing ministry. A fourth track focuses on self care.

Bishop Scott Jones of the Kansas area will be the keynote speaker along with additional clergy and lay leaders in the field of congregational health such as Bishop Mary Ann Swenson of the California/Pacific Annual Conference, Bishop Hope Morgan Ward of the Mississippi Annual Conference, and Gary Gunderson senior vice president for Health and Welfare Ministries at Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare in Memphis, Tenn. For more information and to register online, visit the conference web page at