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UMCOR Expands E-Newsletter Release

NEW YORK, NY, January 18, 2007—Since the one-year anniversaries of hurricanes Katrina and Rita in the fall of 2005, United Methodist Committee on Relief has published an e-newsletter to highlight ongoing stories of recovery and hope in the Gulf Coast. "Bright Spots" mails biweekly Thursdays to pastors, recovery ministry staffs in the Louisiana and Mississippi conferences, and early subscribers.

UMCOR is expanding the newsletter release, posting current and past issues to, in the Emergency Response section. Readers can also subscribe for delivery directly to their email box.

Paul Dirdak, director of UMCOR, said the wider release would help "ensure that the families who suffered so much loss in the storms are not forgotten as they struggle to recover."

Past issues of Bright Spots featured a story from a couple in Bay St. Louis, Miss., where the eye of Hurricane Katrina made landfall…a woman who traveled to Maine to visit the family who helped clean her home…and a survivor so grateful to special volunteers returning every weekend to rebuild her home in Hackberry in Cameron Parish.

Since August 2005, UMCOR has been working alongside the disaster recovery ministries in the Louisiana and Mississippi conferences to implement a long-term response that rebuilds lives one individual or one family at a time. In their dual roles of case management—the art of connecting each family with the resources they need in their own communities—and rebuilding, the conference organizations anticipate a multi-year effort. The Bright Spots e-newsletter is a way to keep their stories alive.

Each issue of "Bright Spots" also includes recovery statistics and a message slide for use by churches in worship and meeting venues. Links to Gulf Coast conference and other web sites help readers who want more information. For more information about "Bright Spots," contact