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  • January 25, 2012

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*ALABAMA: Recovery Continues

*CHILE: Aid Reaches Fire Survivors in Chile

*FAIR TRADE: Reali-tea

*REFUGEES: Milwaukee Refugee Housing Initiative


North Alabama continues to work towards recovery after an outbreak of tornadoes ripped through the conference April 27, 2011. Since that day, the affected communities have worked steadily towards rebuilding and redefining their new normal with UMCOR’s help and support.

UMCOR has issued a $1 million grant to the North Alabama Conference as they enter into long-term recovery, which will last until at least December 2013. The funds will support volunteer coordination for reconstruction; case management to help families gain access to assistance; reconstruction; and other activities that are critical to recovery.

Alabama was struck once again by tornadoes January 22, 2012. Conference personnel are asking for prayers as damage assessments are made and the full impact of this storm is becoming clear.

You can help UMCOR provide assistance when disaster strikes by giving to US Disaster Response, UMCOR Advance #901670. Online Giving 


Some 140 families who survived wildfires that ripped through the Biobio Region of Chile on December 29 will receive much-needed food aid from the Methodist Humanitarian Aid Team (EMAH), a United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) partner.

The fires destroyed 25,000 hectares of land and displaced more than 500 people, according to EMAH.

In late 2009, the Methodist Church of Chile requested that UMCOR provide it with training in disaster response practices. EMAH was formed shortly afterward.

Since then, UMCOR has worked with EMAH to provide a series of follow-up trainings, which have sharpened the organization’s ability to make critical assessments in an emergency and respond to survivors with care.

The organization will continue to be present to survivors. Your gift to Chile Emergency, UMCOR Advance #3021178, will help. Online Giving


A member of the West Los Angeles United Methodist Church will get to experience firsthand what goes into a cup of tea. The congregation won Equal Exchange’s contest for most creative tea promotion. The reward is a trip to India where the winner will visit one of Equal Exchange’s fair-trade tea producers.

UMCOR partner, Equal Exchange, promotes and sells fairly traded goods such as coffee, tea, cocoa, and other snacks. Their interfaith program allows your purchases to give back to UMCOR Sustainable Agriculture and Development programs.

Learn about the UMCOR Coffee Project with Equal Exchange. Support Sustainable Agriculture and Development, UMCOR Advance #982188. Online Giving


“We have let far too many refugee families in Milwaukee move into conditions that are best described as slum conditions,” reports Pastor Rob Odum, interim pastor of Central United Methodist Church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

In response to this situation Pastor Odum and the Rev. Ebenezer Insor of Emanuel UMC are leading the Milwaukee area of the Wisconsin Annual Conference in an effort called the Refugee Housing Initiative.

They work to ensure that newly arriving families have access to a clean and safe living environment. The program is designed to offer families this first-home experience at a reasonable rent until they can find permanent and suitable housing.

With assistance from UMCOR, the Refugee Housing Initiative is currently n renovating the former “Shalom Zone” house, which was part of the Church in the City ministry of the Wisconsin Conference in 2003.

“If we are to be serious about the business of ‘radical hospitality,’ then this house is important,” says Pastor Odum. “We hope and pray that when a refugee family is housed here, the family’s sense of dignity will grow, and opportunities will increase.”

Your gift to Refugee Response, UMCOR Advance #982540, helps UMCOR support projects like the Refugee Housing Initiative. Online Giving

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And, please pray for those who are hungry, displaced, sick or in poverty because of these and other natural and human-made disasters, and for the workers who minister to them.

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