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UMCOR Hotline Archives 2012


The UMCOR Hotline PHILIPPINES: Typhoon Sendong; SOUTH SUDAN: Hope Restored; VIETNAM: Flood Relief; NIGERIA: Christmas Came Early
The UMCOR Hotline PHILIPPINES: Typhoon Sendong; HAITI: Second Anniversary; SOUTH SUDAN: Fishing for a Brighter Future; HUMAN TRAFFICKING: Awareness Day
The UMCOR Hotline HAITI: Building Homes; SOUTH SUDAN: Food on the Table; UMCOR: New Director of Global Health; JFON: Out of Danger
The UMCOR Hotline Alabama: Recovery Continues; CHILE: Aid Reaches Fire Survivors in Chile; FAIR TRADE: Reali-tea; REFUGEES: Milwaukee Refugee Housing Initiative
The UMCOR Hotline US: Souper Bowl Sunday; PHILIPPINES: Clean Water; HORN of AFRICA: Preventing Malaria; FAIR TRADE: Eco-Palms; REPUBLIC OF GEORGIA: Assisting Displaced Persons
The UMCOR Hotline MYANMAR: Cyclone Nargis; JFON: 2012 Lenten Bible Study on Immigration; FAIR TRADE: Eco-Palms Bulletin Insert; RELIEF SUPPLIES: Cleaning Buckets
The UMCOR Hotline PHILIPPINES: Inconvenient Ministry; JAPAN: Recovering Lives and Livelihoods; ALABAMA: Volunteers Critical to Recovery; RELIEF SUPPLIES: School Kits Needed
The UMCOR Hotline RELIEF SUPPLIES: School Kits Needed; FAIR TRADE: Eco-Palms for Palm Sunday; GLOBAL: World Water Day; US: Cleanup in New Jersey
The UMCOR Hotline SYRIA: Helping Displaced People PHILIPPINES: Happy Photos INDIA: Cyclone Thane Recovery UMCOR: New Hotline Format PALM SUNDAY: Eco-Palms
The UMCOR Hotline NEWS: Midwest Tornadoes, PRAYER REQUESTS: Tornado Survivors & South Sudan, MEDIA: UMCOR Staff on Twitter, RESOURCE: World Water Day Video
The UMCOR Hotline NEWS: Tornado Recovery; PRAYER REQUESTS: Tornado Survivors & Zimbabwe; MEDIA: One Great Hour of Sharing Video; RESOURCE: Tornadoes 2012 Church Bulletin Insert