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UMCOR Hotline Archives 2011

The UMCOR Hotline gives up-to-date information about emergency and ongoing responses of the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR). You can be a part of this work.

The UMCOR Hotline HAITI: Chronology of Recovery; HAITI: Laying a Foundation; HAITI: A Purposeful Calling; HAITI: Church Resources Available; HAITI: Haiti Digest
The UMCOR Hotline HAITI: One Year of Relief and Recovery; SUDAN: Independence Referendum; ARMENIA: Human Trafficking Awareness Day, January 11; JFON: Welcoming a New Citizen from Burma
The UMCOR Hotline SRI LANKA: Nearly One Million People Affected by Flooding; HAITI: UMCOR Reaffirms Commitment to Recovery; HAITI EVENT: One Year of Recovery: Webcast; EVENT: African American Women and HIV/AIDS
The UMCOR Hotline BRAZIL: Relief Needed for Survivors of Floods, Mudslides; AUSTRALIA: Cleanup Begins, Cyclone Threat Continues; HAITI: UMCOR Seeks Shelter and Reconstruction Coordinator; RELIEF SUPPLIES: School Kits, Health Kits to Sudan; UMCOR: NC Congregation Welcomes Bhutan Family
The UMCOR Hotline ARMENIA: Ending Human Trafficking; EVENT: Souper Bowl of Caring February 6; HAITI: Corail Camp Schools Inaugurated; CHILE: Church Ratifies Humanitarian Relief Arm
The UMCOR Hotline UMCOR: One Great Hour of Sharing; HAITI: Investing in Life; SRI LANKA: UMCOR Provides Flood Relief; JFON: Ending 25-year Cycle of Violence
The UMCOR Hotline AFGHANISTAN: A Place to Call Home; SIERRA LEONE: Moringa Tree, “Mother’s Best Friend”; ARMENIA: Anti-Trafficking Program FAQs; CHILE: Bringing Comfort to Refugees
The UMCOR Hotline HAITI: Building a Community-Responsive Health System; RELIEF SUPPLIES: UMCOR West Makes First International Shipment; MYANMAR: Empowering Sex Workers to Prevent HIV; EVENT: African American Women and HIV/AIDS Conference
The UMCOR Hotline PAKISTAN: Flood Emergency Far from Over; RESOURCES: United Methodists in Disaster Ministry; MYANMAR: HIV Does Not Render One Useless; SIERRA LEONE: Moringa Tree, “Mother’s Best Friend”
The UMCOR Hotline GLOBAL: World Water Day, March 22; JFON: Safe, At Last; US: Eco Palms; RELIEF SUPPLIES: Cleaning Buckets Needed!
The UMCOR Hotline LIBERIA: Refugees pour in from Cote d’Ivoire; JAPAN: Earthquake, Tsunami Affect Pacific Region; US: Flood Concerns Rise in Dakotas and Minnesota; UMCOR: One Great Hour of Sharing, April 3; HAITI: Support for Tuberculosis Hospital
The UMCOR Hotline JAPAN: Solidarity and Gratitude; REFUGEE MINISTRY: Mutual Blessing; UMCOR: One Great Hour of Sharing, April 3; US: Spring Storms
The UMCOR Hotline UMCOR: One Great Hour of Sharing this Sunday!; JAPAN: UMCOR Responds with Partners to Quake Survivors; US: Tornado Affects Vulnerable Families in Louisiana; Cote d’Ivoire: Unrest Continues to take toll
The UMCOR Hotline HAITI: Partners in Providing Shelter; JAPAN: Relief Update; GLOBAL: World Malaria Day is April 25; Cote d’Ivoire: Children Seek Refuge in Forests; US: Tornado in Tennessee; UMCOR HEALTH: Hospital Revitalization and 10-Fold
The UMCOR Hotline COTE D’IVOIRE: Laurent Gbagbo Detained; US: Upper-Midwest Flood Watch; JAPAN: UMCOR Sends Relief Grant; GLOBAL: Imagine No Malaria Webcast, April 20; JFON: Client Success Story
The UMCOR Hotline UMCOR: New Funding for Japan, Haiti; GLOBAL: Imagine No Malaria Webcast, April 20; US: Spring Storms; JAPAN : Volunteers Advisory; UGANDA: Livelihoods Support for Mudslide Survivors
The UMCOR Hotline US: After Tornadoes, Hope; HAITI: A New Kindergarten; HAITI: Forum on Reconstruction and Pure-Water Supply; GLOBAL: World Fair Trade Day, May 14
The UMCOR Hotline Spring Storms 2011
The UMCOR Hotline US: UMCOR Committed to Storm-ravaged South; ARMENIA: Life-giving Collaboration; RELIEF SUPPLIES: Network News; JFON: Client Success Story
The UMCOR Hotline US: Disaster Funds, Cleaning Buckets Needed; JAPAN: Ecumenical Gathering Focuses on Relief; HAITI: Health, Water, and Construction Forums; GLOBAL: World Fair Trade Day, May 14
The UMCOR Hotline US: Storm Season Provokes Billion-dollar Damages; COLOMBIA: Clinic Makes Life-saving Difference in Remote Village; HAITI: Seeking Innovation; GLOBAL: Fair Trade Benefits Small-farm Families
The UMCOR Hotline US: Tornado Devastates Missouri Town; HAITI: School Kits Distributed; MOZAMBIQUE: Launch Celebration; ZIMBABWE: A New Life
The UMCOR Hotline US: Continuing Support for Storm-struck Conferences; GLOBAL: World Refugee Day is June 20; HAITI: New Personnel at UMCOR Haiti ; DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: God’s Light Shines Through
The UMCOR Hotline US: Flood Response; HAITI: Cholera Response in Moliere; GLOBAL: World Refugee Day is June 20; ZIMBABWE: Clean Water in Nyadire
The UMCOR Hotline US: Hurricane Season Has Begun; JAPAN: Ecumenical Disaster Response Office Opens; GLOBAL: World Refugee Day; JFON: Mission Interns Join Two JFON Offices
The UMCOR Hotline US: Neighbor Helping Neighbor; LIBYA: Contributing to Demining Efforts; DR Congo: Blanket Distribution; GLOBAL: Ministry with* the Poor
The UMCOR Hotline US: Record-setting Floods in Upper Midwest; RELIEF SUPPLIES: Kits Meet Urgent Needs; ARMENIA: Beauty for Ashes; RESOURCES: Anti-Human Trafficking Video Available
The UMCOR Hotline US: Flood Concerns Continue; HAITI: Solar Panel Kits for Rural Families; SRI LANKA: Building Small Businesses; PHILIPPINES: Helping Flood-Prone Villages Reduce Disaster Risk
The UMCOR Hotline JAPAN: Four Months since Triple Disaster; RELIEF SUPPLIES: School Kits Needed; US: JFON Helps a Teen Stay Safe; MALARIA: And a Child Shall Lead Them; GLOBAL: UMCOR Staff Openings
The UMCOR Hotline US: Conferences Focus on Disaster Relief; NIGERIA: Helping People Displaced by Violence; HAITI: Supporting the Deaf Community; WEBCAST: UMCOR’s Response to Spring Storms and Floods
The UMCOR Hotline HORN OF AFRICA: UMCOR to Provide Famine Relief; WEBCAST: UMCOR’s Response to Spring Storms and Floods; HAITI: Giving Students a Safe Place to Study; US: Refugee Ministry Grants
The UMCOR Hotline HORN OF AFRICA: UMCOR Responds to Famine in the Region INDONESIA: UMCOR Closes Office JFON: Program Adopts New Structure JAPAN: Earthquake and Tsunami Response
The UMCOR Hotline HORN OF AFRICA: Long-Simmering Disaster; ARMENIA: Step-by-Step Recovery for Trafficked Survivors; US: Early Response Teams Share Your Story; SOUTH SUDAN: UMCOR Seeks to Expand Work
The UMCOR Hotline HORN OF AFRICA: Crisis Continues JAPAN: Disaster Response Has Its Own Timing US: Wildfire Recovery in Washington FAIR TRADE: Give Kids a Real Treat
The UMCOR Hotline ARMENIA: A Little Goes a Long Way; HORN OF AFRICA: UMCOR Works With to Partners Provide Relief; US: Joplin Students Return to School; GEORGIA: Providing Basic Medicine to Those in Need
The UMCOR Hotline US: Hurricane Irene Response; AFGHANISTAN: UMCOR Response to Severe Floods; FAIR TRADE: UMCOR Coffee Project Referral Program; RELIEF SUPPLIES: One Man’s Scraps is Another Man’s Treasure
The UMCOR Hotline US: Hurricane Irene Response; UMCOR: Remembering 9/11; KENYA: Surviving the Drought and Preparing for the Next One; 10-Fold Live Event: Clean Water
The UMCOR Hotline TEXAS: Fighting Fires; US: Flooding Continues; SOMALIA: Helping Children Through the Famine; HAITI: Passing on the Gift; JFON: Live Webcast Sept. 20
The UMCOR Hotline US: Flood Needs Continue; US: Texas Wildfires; REFUGEES: Welcoming Refugees in Buffalo, NY; FAIR TRADE: Share for Hunger
The UMCOR Hotline PAKISTAN: Flooding Again Devastates Country; INDIA: Earthquake Recovery in Himalayas; US: Early Response Team in Bastrop, Texas; EVENT: Mental Illness Awareness Week
The UMCOR Hotline Philippines: Typhoon Nesat Recovery; US: An Appeal for Fire Survivors; AFRICA: Drought Takes Toll; INDIA: Arduous Trek to Earthquake Survivors; US: Reverse Trick-or-Treat; JFON: Client Story
The UMCOR Hotline EVENT: INM Kicks off 10-Fold; SOMALIA: Food for Hungry Children; RESOURCES: World Food Day Oct. 16; DR CONGO: Safe Water for Kamina
The UMCOR Hotline INDIA: Relief for Earthquake Survivors HAITI: Home-Construction Pilot Project Takes Off KENYA: Families Gain Access to Pure Water US: After the Floods in North Dakota
The UMCOR Hotline TURKEY: Food, Blankets for Earthquake Survivors; EL SALVADOR: UMCOR Provides Emergency Aid; PAKISTAN: Flood Survivors in Urgent Need; RELIEF SUPPLIES: Hands-on Mission; INDIA: Called to Compassion; ETHIOPIA: Relief for Drought Survivors
The UMCOR Hotline TURKEY: UMCOR Supports Relief Efforts; MYANMAR: Aid for Landmine Accident Survivors; HORN OF AFRICA: Crisis Continues; RESOURCES: World AIDS Day, December 1; THAILAND: Floods Threaten Capital UMCOR: Christmas Gift Catalog
The UMCOR Hotline TURKEY: Marking Eid after the Quake; JFON: International Migrant Day is December 18; HORN OF AFRICA: Famine Relief; US: Hurricane Irene Recover in the Northeast; UMCOR: Give a Gift that Changes the World
The UMCOR Hotline TURKEY: Second Earthquake Strikes; INDIA & PAKISTAN: Flood Relief; US: HEAL Program in Florida; GLOBAL: World AIDS Day; UMCOR: Gift Catalog
The UMCOR Hotline THAILAND: Flood Relief; DR CONGO: To Whom Much is Given Much is Required; REFUGEES: Christ Church UM Refugee Ministry; GLOBAL: World AIDS Day; UMCOR: Gift Catalog
The UMCOR Hotline GLOBAL: Contain Your Joy; TURKEY: Keeping Warm; HORN OF AFRICA: Hunger Continues; GLOBAL: World AIDS Day; UMCOR: Gift Catalog
The UMCOR Hotline UMCOR: Gift Catalog DR Congo: Agents of Change JFON: Literally Lifesaving PHILIPPINES: Typhoon Relief GUATEMALA: Addressing HIV
The UMCOR Hotline SOMALIA: Small Children Play a Big Role; UMCOR: Gift Catalog; TURKEY: Helping to Heal; US: Disaster Response Academy
The UMCOR Hotline PHILIPPINES: Flash Floods; DR CONGO: Shouldering Malaria Burden; PALESTINE: Relief Supplies Help; SOUTH SUDAN: Education for Girls; RESOURCES: Haiti Second Anniversary; UMCOR: Last Minute Giving
The UMCOR Hotline HAITI: Two Years Later; CHILE: Disaster Preparedness Helps Response; JAPAN: Earthquake, Tsunami, and Nuclear Threat; US: Tornadoes, Floods, Fires, and Hurricanes; AFRICA: Crisis in the Horn of Africa; PHILIPPINES: Back-to-back Typhoons; SOUTH SUDAN: World’s Newest Nation; INDIA: Earthquake in the Himalayas; TURKEY: Back-to-Back Earthquakes