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  • November 09, 2010

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In Today's Hotline:

*HAITI: Hurricane Tomas

*PAKISTAN: Winter Brings New Worries

*WORLD AIDS DAY: Sexual Violence and HIV

*SIERRA LEONE: Fighting Malaria One Net at a Time

*HAITI: Key Staff Members Join Office

*RESOURCES: Hope for Christmas


Hurricane Tomas swept through Haiti on Friday causing flooding—particularly in low-lying areas. UMCOR staff members in Haiti are responding to the situation as it unfolds: sending assessment teams and visiting camps to provide needed supplies such as drinking water, tarps and other items.

Tomas’ rains may cause the cholera epidemic in Northern Haiti to spread. UMCOR is already supporting cholera-combating work through its partner Global Health Action (GHA). GHA is working with community health workers in the Leogane District to provide education, supplies and the tools necessary to combat cholera in their communities.

Support UMCOR’s ongoing work in Haiti by giving to UMCOR Advance #418325, Haiti Emergency. Click the button to give now online


According to Church World Service (CWS), one of UMCOR’s partners in Pakistan, the emergency will only increase if tents, blankets and emergency shelter are not provided before the winter arrives.

CWS Pakistan/Afghanistan Director Marvin Parvez said the approaching months are among the most critical for responding to the floods, given the overlapping problems of the approaching winter and the gaps in the overall international response.

"The international community has to act fast and act now generously or it will be too late for millions of Pakistanis," said Parvez in a recent CWS report.

Help Pakistanis find relief; give to International Disaster Response, Pakistan, UMCOR Advance #982450. Online Giving


During the war in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kabongo was a field of violence. Communities in and around Kabongo lived under the constant threat of the Congolese army and rebel groups who pillaged, raped, burned homes, and confiscated food rations. Many of these women were infected by HIV/AIDS and ostracized from their communities as a result.

The United Methodist Global AIDS Fund is working in Kabongo to increase awareness about HIV/AIDS and its spread and reduce the stigma associated with it. More than 300 community health volunteers are receiving training through this UM Global AIDS Fund-supported program. [More]

What can you do? Observe World AIDS Day on December 1 to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS. You can also give to support projects like these, UM Global AIDS Fund, UMCOR Advance #982345. Online Giving


From Nov. 25 to Dec. 3 new mothers and pregnant women in the Bo District of Sierra Leone will receive extra help to keep their families healthy. As part of an integrated strategy of the National Maternal and Child Campaign, UMCOR is distributing and hanging 393,000 nets in the district with the help of 3,700 local volunteers.

After receiving the nets along with vitamin A and deworming medication at local distribution points, teams of local volunteers will visit recipients in their homes. These UMCOR-trained volunteers will educate families about the signs and dangers of malaria and the hang the nets in their homes. This will help ensure the nets are used properly and recipients understand how best to protect their families from this deadly but preventable disease.

Support this and other efforts to provide nets and malaria education by giving to Imagine No Malaria, UMCOR Advance #3021190. Online Giving


UMCOR’s Haiti office is growing by three new members this month. Juan Carlos Real is UMCOR’s new head of mission in Haiti. He will assume the over-all leadership, planning, programming, operations and management for UMCOR’s work in Haiti. Real comes to UMCOR with more than 10 years of related experiences in countries such as Angola, Afghanistan, Kenya, Pakistan, Somaliland and Malawi.

Also joining the UMCOR Haiti staff are Dinesh Malla and Sasiharan Luzmanan who will both work in Shelter and Reconstruction. Malla will head the shelter and reconstruction effort. Luxmanan is seconded to UMCOR Haiti from the office in Sri Lanka for three months.

Learn more and give to UMCOR’s work in Haiti.


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