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  • April 06, 2010

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*CHILE: UMCOR, GBGM Promise Support

*INDONESIA: World Health Day, April 7

*PHILIPPINES: Relief Supplies for Typhoon Survivors

*RESOURCES: World Malaria Day, April 25


During a Holy Week tour of areas hardest hit by the February 27 earthquake, UMCOR and General Board of Global Ministries (GBGM) executives promised support for the emergency relief efforts of the Methodist Church of Chile (IMECH).

Rev. Tom Hazelwood, UMCOR disaster response executive, and Dakin Cook, GBGM executive for Mission Relationships, were guided on their tour by IMECH Bishop Mario Martínez Tapia and Methodist Emergency Response (EMAH) Coordinator Juan Salazar.

“We will not turn our backs on you,” Hazelwood told the congregation of the Methodist Church in Angol during a Holy Thursday service held in the pastor’s garage. The church was irreparably damaged in the earthquake.

“It’s an honor to be with you,” Cook told the faithful, as he expressed the solidarity of United Methodists in the US.

Hazelwood and Cook brought the same message of solidarity to communities in Santiago, Talca, Linares, Chillán, Los Angeles, Concepción, Talcahuano, Penco, Angol, Hequén and Temuco, and to EMAH and the Inter-Church Emergency Response Committee, an ecumenical body formed after the earthquake.

CHILE: Providing Clean Water

After an earthquake, access to a clean water source is comprised, forcing populations to drink contaminated water. UMCOR through partner GlobalMedic is setting up two water distribution points in Chile following the 8.8 magnitude earthquake, which struck the country on Feb. 27.

About 150,000 million Aquatab water purification tablets and 13 Trekker water purification units will provide relief to those in need of clean drinking water. The water purification units have the capacity to provide over 13,000 people daily with clean drinking water.

CHILE: Hong Kong Offering for Chile

This week, the Methodist Church of Hong Kong sent UMCOR a generous gift of $20,642.74 toward Chile earthquake relief and recovery work.

On Feb. 27 an 8.8 magnitude earthquake struck central Chile wiping out more than half a million homes. Thank you Hong Kong for your support!

Support this work by giving to Chile Emergency, UMCOR Advance #3021178 Click the button to give now online


UMCOR Indonesia is observing World Health Day on April 7 with special health events addressing proper hygiene and sanitation practices in two Acehnese schools—01 Samahani in Aceh Besar District and 14 Jeunib in Bireuen District.

The events will target a total of 368 schoolchildren and 37 teachers, and indirectly influence 1,200 surrounding households. Activities include a film viewing on hygiene and sanitation, as well as learning a new health song, entitled, “Cha Cha. Maricha.” (Take Care of Cleanliness), an original song composed by UMCOR-NGO Health Project Officer Sri Wahyuni. Health care workers will screen schoolchildren and direct those needing care to a health center for treatment. Smaller medical conditions will be treated at the site.

UMCOR is distributing handkerchiefs to 2,786 schoolchildren throughout the week of April 7, encouraging its proper use and care to prevent the spread of lung infections and emphasize proper hand washing techniques with the use of soap in 17 schools.

Learn more about World Health Day here, and support projects like these by giving to Indonesia Emergency, UMCOR Advance #217400 Online Giving


UMCOR is providing additional relief aid to vulnerable families affected by Typhoon Ketsana and Parma, which slammed the Philippines in September and October 2009.

More than 11,000 families will receive basic relief supply packets that include rice, sardines, dried fish, corned beef, oil, sugar, and salt, as well as hygiene supplies for women, and blankets and diapers for infants. UMCOR is working with partners Action by Churches Together and Muslim Aid to assist families still recovering from these devastating storms.

Last September, Typhoon Ketsana threw a devastating punch to Luzon Province, which caused the worst flooding to hit the country in 40 years. A few days later, Typhoon Parma delivered its blow to Cagayan Province causing additional flooding and landslides in many of areas impacted by Ketsana.

Continue to support relief efforts in the Philippines with your gifts to Philippines Emergency, UMCOR Advance #240235 Online Giving


About 3.3 billion people, half of the world's population, are at risk of malaria. Every 30 seconds a child dies of this preventable and curable disease.

Through UMCOR’s Community-Based Malaria Control Program, group discussions, outreach programs and educational workshops are helping people learn the truth about malaria, its causes and lifesaving prevention techniques.

Observe World Malaria Day on April 25. Use these available resources and share vital information with your local congregation. View Nets and Knowledge photo slide show, download World Malaria Day, UMCOR's new church bulletin, or present UMCOR’s Help Stop Malaria Power Point slide show located on this same web page to collect a special offering on Sundays.

You can also support malaria prevention work by giving to Community-Based Malaria Control Program, UMCOR Advance #982009 Online Giving

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And, please pray for those who are hungry, displaced, sick or in poverty because of these and other natural and human-made disasters, and for the workers who minister to them.

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