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  • March 02, 2010

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*CHILE: UMCOR Responds to 8.8 Magnitude Earthquake

*HAITI: Earthquake Recovery Update

*GEORGIA: Short War, Long Consequences

*US: Gulf Coast Recovery Continues

*US: Chapel Named For Rev. Samuel W. Dixon, Jr.

*UMCOR: One Great Hour of Sharing


After the strongest earthquake in the region in half a century struck central Chile early Saturday, February 27, UMCOR responded with an initial emergency grant to its partners in Chile to help them bring relief to survivors.

The $10,000 grant will help the Methodist Church of Chile (IMECH) and its relief arm, the Methodist Humanitarian Action Team (EMAH), conduct needs assessments and bring water and food to survivors.

Last October, UMCOR dispatched an international disaster response team to Chile to help the Methodist Church there prepare for natural and human-made catastrophes.

Bishop Joel Martinez, interim general secretary of the General Board of Global Ministries, called on “our generous United Methodist constituents to join in the response to the Chile Emergency Advance to strengthen UMCOR’s ability to be fully present with resources.”

Please send your contribution and mark Chile Emergency, UMCOR Advance #3021178 on the memo line. One hundred percent of gifts made to this advance will help the people of Chile. Click the button to give now online


UMCOR Statement of Commitment in Haiti

Three United Methodist Volunteers in Mission (UMVIM) jurisdictional coordinators set their sites on Haiti, representing UMCOR and UMVIM to reinforce connections with the Methodist Church of Haiti (EMH), following the January 12 earthquake in that Caribbean nation.

The jurisdictional coordinators attended EMH’s annual conference in Le Cayes, where they met with circuit superintendents to identify areas of greatest need and discuss how UMVIM and UMCOR might collaborate with them to meet the priorities the superintendents have defined.

Methodist minister and UMCOR consultant Rev. Jim Gulley, a survivor of the earthquake, also was present at the annual conference and delivered a statement and words of encouragement to the conference on behalf of UMCOR. The commitment of time, fiscal and human resources to the people of Haiti was central to Gulley’s presentation. He underscored the importance of a renewed commitment by both UMCOR and EMH as the guarantee of a successful relief effort.

Gulley and the UMVIM team will meet with church leaders throughout their visit, as they determine the most effective ways to deploy volunteers to the region.

Haitian Artisans Offer Help to the Homeless

When the women of the cooperative Haitian Artisans for Peace International (HAPI) set out to build their Peace Park and Playground in Mizak, a village 50 miles south of Port-au-Prince, they meant it to be a safe haven for the community’s children. They never imagined it would become a haven for whole families and their distant relatives left homeless by a massive earthquake.

More than 550 homes in Mizak were damaged or destroyed during the January 12 quake. Like other survivors of the disaster, the people of this small village sought the safety of open fields. As they occupied the Peace Park, they were joined by extended family from the Haitian capital and other affected cities. Soon the women of HAPI found themselves at the center of an emergency relief effort.

“The food we prepared for 500 families was far, far from meeting the need…. We had at least double the families show up. There was no threat of violence, only overwhelming community presence and need,” wrote Valerie Mossman-Celestin, US executive director of HAPI, in an email that underscored the need for continued and coordinated assistance to Haiti.

The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) is helping the artists’ cooperative shore up Peace Park infrastructure, build clean water and sanitation facilities, construct a security wall for access control, and purchase tents for short-term shelter. Read more about HAPI and support UMCOR’s emergency relief and recovery work in Haiti through Haiti Emergency, UMCOR Advance #418325.

UMCOR Haiti Newsletter

You can keep up with UMCOR’s work in Haiti through our Be There. Be Hope. In Haiti. newsletter. Published weekly, the newsletter provides updates of UMCOR’s immediate relief and long-term recovery work in Haiti since the January 12 earthquake. Sign up to receive Be There. Be Hope. In Haiti. via email or look for it at each week.

Gifts to support UMCOR’s work can be made online by visiting For gifts by mail, please make checks payable to UMCOR and mail to UMCOR, PO Box 9068, New York, NY 10087. Please indicate Haiti Emergency, UMCOR Advance #418325 on the memo line of your check. One hundred percent of gifts made to this advance will help the people of Haiti. Online Giving


The armed conflict lasted only five days in the summer of 2008, but for some 37,000 people who remain displaced by the clash between Georgia and Russia the consequences continue.

Settlements for the internally displaced in Georgia often are remote and lack easy access to hospitals, schools, and places of work. Health and nutrition may be seriously compromised, especially for infants, new mothers and pregnant women.

UMCOR, through its field office in Georgia, is providing breast milk substitute, complementary food and hygiene supplies to non-breast-fed infants, pregnant women, lactating mothers and mothers who have been clinically diagnosed as unable to breast-feed largely because of stress.

Though the plight of these women and infant children, casualties of a brief but traumatic war, may long ago have disappeared from the headlines, your gift to International Disaster Response, UMCOR Advance #982450 will support them and the survivors of other international emergencies. Online Giving


After nearly five years of intense relief and recovery work in Louisiana, Mississippi and other states affected by the hurricanes that devastated the US Gulf Coast, UMCOR has released its final disbursement of funds for the recovery effort.

“It’s an opportune moment, when we’re in the beginning stages of relief and recovery in Haiti, to mark this final disbursement of funds for our Katrina/Rita effort five years after the hurricanes,” said UMCOR Assistant General Secretary Rev.Tom Hazelwood. “It really reflects how UMCOR’s ministry unfolds among the people over a period of years.”

Your support for US Disaster Response, UMCOR Advance #901670 enables UMCOR to be ready to respond to future emergency situations in the US. Online Giving


The Dixon Chapel and Meeting Room in the new North Carolina Conference headquarters will be dedicated in early June to the memory of Rev. Samuel W. Dixon, Jr., an Elder of the conference and deputy general secretary of the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR).

Dixon was on assignment for UMCOR in Haiti when a massive earthquake struck January 12. He died in the aftermath as rescue workers attempted to free him from the rubble of the Montana Hotel.

“We are honored to remember Sam in this way, by dedicating this area of worship and learning to his memory,” said Cashar Evans, president of the North Carolina Conference Board of Trustees. Another conference trustee, Laura Little, called Dixon “a tireless servant of Jesus Christ, working to his end for those less privileged all over the world.”

Memorial gifts may be made in memory of Rev. Dr. Samuel W. Dixon, Jr., and directed to the Haiti Relief Fund of UMCOR. Checks should be made to UMCOR with “Advance #418325 Dixon Memorial” in the memo line.


When UMCOR released its final quarterly disbursement for hurricane relief in the US Gulf Coast (see above) this past week, Assistant General Secretary Rev. Tom Hazelwood remarked, “Our work in Louisiana and Mississippi, like our work in Haiti [following last month’s earthquake] is based on our methodology of being there for the long haul.

UMCOR is there, with our partners, long after the initial emergency is past, to help the most under-served, most needy communities.

When you give to One Great Hour of Sharing, you help cover UMCOR’s cost of doing business and allow us to keep our promise that 100 percent of every other contribution you make to a specific UMCOR project, such as US Disaster Response, will be spent on that project and not on administrative costs.

One Great Hour of Sharing is March 14.

Order your free offering envelopes or posters by calling 888-346-3862. Check the UMCOR website for worship materials and a video presentation in support of this important offering. Gifts to this fund can be made all year long. Please give now.

UMCOR provides emergency relief in many areas of the world. To find out more about UMCOR’s ministries, please visit You can donate to any project by placing a contribution in the offering plate at a local United Methodist church; by sending a check to UMCOR, PO Box 9068, New York, NY 10087-9068; or by calling 1-800-554-8583, where credit card donations are accepted. You can also give online by clicking on any of the “Give Now” links. UMCOR is exempt from tax under section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of the United States and qualifies for the maximum charitable contribution deduction by donors. And, please pray for those who are hungry, displaced, sick or in poverty because of these and other natural and human-made disasters, and for the workers who minister to them.

And, please pray for those who are hungry, displaced, sick or in poverty because of these and other natural and human-made disasters, and for the workers who minister to them.

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